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Public Attack Surface

ZeroFOX protects modern organizations where they conduct digital business and where cyber-attacks occur: across publicly accessible platforms including email, social, mobile, surface, deep and dark web, Slack and mobile app stores. With protection offerings focused on enterprises, brand, product, executive, domains, email and locations, ZeroFOX ensures your public attack surface is covered and your data, community and reputation remain secure.

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ZeroFOX Products

Executive Protection Software

Protect key personnel against spearphishing, impersonations, account hacking, violence threats and more.

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Domain Monitoring Tools

Protect owned web sites through identification and remediation of impersonating domains, phishing, trademark infringement and spoofing.

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Brand Protection

Protect your digital presence, owned assets and accounts, logos and trademarks against account hacking, impersonations, malicious content, piracy and reputation harm.

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Threat Intelligence Services

Access advisories, robust security intelligence and IOCs across surface, deep and dark channels to understand attack plans and adversary motivations.

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Dark Web Monitoring

Gain visibility into dark web forums to uncover data leakage and attack chatter

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ZeroFOX Services

ZeroFOX OnWatch™ Managed Services

Gain peace of mind and ensure every threat is addressed with fully managed alert investigation and response, critical threat escalation and continuous platform optimization

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ZeroFOX Takedown-as-a-Service™

Remediate threats targeting your business, customers and employees with automated and fully managed takedowns

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ZeroFOX University

Access online and in-person training to stay educated on modern threats and ensure you get the most out of your ZeroFOX Platform

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Specialized Offerings

Email and Remote Workforce Protection

Protect your internal and external collaboration platforms by identifying and removing malicious, inappropriate or leaked confidential information

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Location and Event Protection

Protect offices, campuses, private residences and event locations against targeted attacks

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Election Protection

Protect candidates and campaigns against impersonations, account takeovers, fraudulent websites, information leakage and more

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