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Protection for your Public Attack Surface

ZeroFox protects modern organizations where they conduct digital business and where cyber-attacks occur: across publicly accessible platforms including email, social, mobile, surface, deep and dark web, Slack and mobile app stores. With protection offerings focused on enterprises, brand, product, executive, domains, email and locations, ZeroFox ensures your public attack surface is covered and your data, community and repuation remain secure.

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Digital Risk Protections

Information Security

Remediate threats on social networks, deep/dark web & external channels

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Corporate Security

Detect potential threats to executives, locations & physical assets

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Protect your brand from fake profiles, account hacking & reputational harm

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Financial Services

Gain visibility and achieve compliance across social media and external assets

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Media, Sports & Entertainment

Protect your talent where they build brand and your content where it goes viral

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Retail & CPG

Gain critical visibility, find scams and counterfeit goods sold on online marketplaces

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Protect constituents and high-profile administration officials across the public attack surface

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Protect patient health data against information leakage and maintain compliance

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Protect students and campus communities against targeted attacks and IP leakage

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Stop cybercriminals from scamming customers and targeting employees

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Phishing Attacks

Protect your enterprise network from targeted malware on social media, email and domains

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Account Takeover

Prevent your social media accounts and pages from account hackers

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Spot fake accounts targeting your brand and business

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