ZeroFOX Employee Protection

Protect your number one ambassador
and number one target

ZeroFOX Employee Protection

Employees are a top target for digital attacks due to their access and vulnerability. Hackproof your employee's social media accounts with advanced account takeover protection, security training and protections against cybercrime, data loss, credential theft and more, all while protecting employee privacy. Empower employees to safeguard their own accounts and receive alerts on early signs of an attack. ZeroFOX Employee Protection provides security teams with critical visibility & automated controls and sends employees security recommendations, privacy settings instructions and critical information on emerging threats or risks.

Protection for employees, peace of mind for security teams

ZeroFOX Employee Protection is ideal for security teams and their employees who rely on social media for business-critical functions or have access to critical data or systems. These stakeholders are in need of automated account controls and the ability to extend web security to individuals throughout an organization. It is also ideal for security teams extending education and training around social media to the broader workforce.

Protect Employees

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Empower Employees & Protect Privacy

Enable employees to protect their own accounts, harden security settings, and remediate critical security issues, all while protecting their privacy and the integrity of their personal accounts

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Train Workforce

Ensure employees are up to date on critical informational alerts and notifications around emerging threats, crucial privacy or settings changes, and global security incidents

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Safeguard Your Most Vulnerable Assets

Enable defenses and train employees where it matters most: where your most vulnerable assets are most active and most trusting

ZeroFOX Employee Protection

See how ZeroFOX protects employees against account takeover attempts and enables social media security best practices.

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