2024 Cybersecurity Trends
What’s in Store for 2024?
Predictions are like opinions. Everybody has one, but some are better than others. Find out from ZeroFox intelligence experts whether 2024 cyber threat trends are always on, on the horizon, or overhyped so you can head into the new year with increased confidence.
The threats of today – and their impact on tomorrow.

The threat landscape is chaotic and ever-evolving. How do you prioritize and predict what’s coming next? Our intelligence experts have you covered with analyst-vetted forecasts for the top threat types we expect in 2024. We’ve broken 2024’s threat trends into three categories: “Always On,” “On the Horizon,” or “Overhyped.”

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Hype Meter
Top actions for you to take.
Know yourself
Document and monitor your internal environment (including Crown Jewels) and external attack surface (including social media). Additionally, identify and work with stakeholders to codify intelligence requirements to prioritize effort and focus in the always labor-constrained business of security.
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Know your adversaries
Invest in intelligence to assess the adversaries most likely to have both the desire and capability to do you harm, including their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), motives, and previous actions.
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Know the shared terrain
Capitalize on intelligence to proactively understand the planning, facilitation, and execution of attacks within the deep, dark, and open web, and implement security strategies and policies that eliminate exposure to those threats when possible and compensate for threats that can only be managed.
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External attacks are the

Leading cause of breaches.

Only unified external cybersecurity can protect
you beyond the perimeter.

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