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Reduce breach risks and costs while creating peace of mind for impacted individuals with our proven professional services and the unmatched flexibility of the Protection Platform

IDX Breach Notifications

What is Breach Notification?

Data breaches have become an everyday part of business. However, that fact does not lessen the burden and work for the breached organization. After a data breach is confirmed, your organization needs to return to normal business operations as quickly as possible and comply with breach notification laws. Critical to mitigate the breach risks and costs, a comprehensive breach notification process is necessary to meet notification requirements and to alert the population impacted by the data breach.

Why is Breach Notification important?

In today’s world of mounting cyberattacks, data breaches are inevitable and threaten the value, reputation, and integrity of your organization. They can open your organization to legal issues and leave your employees, customers, and members increasingly vulnerable to all forms of identity theft and privacy risks. The number of breaches is swiftly rising, so much so that they've become a matter of 'when' rather than 'if' for businesses. Critical to mitigate the breach risks and costs includes a comprehensive breach notification process.

Why ZeroFox for IDX Breach Notifications?


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Reduce breach risks and costs with a proven, flexible solutions

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Compliant and trusted data breach solutions to help your organization return to normal

Trusted as an approved vendor by nearly all major cyber insurance carriers and leading privacy attorneys to deliver compliant breach notification services.

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Tailored, flexible breach products and services to fit your organization

End-to-end consultative management allows our customers to select precisely the products and services needed to respond to any size or type of breach incident.

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Built for the highest levels of security

Built to the rigorous security standards of Fortune 500 companies and the highest level of government-grade security to protect the impacted populations.

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Scalable products and services to meet the needs of your data breach and the impacted population

Unmatched flexibility of our cloud-native platform makes it easy to quickly customize solutions and scale to any size breach population.


Each breach is unique — your breach notification should be too

People affected by a breach need answers and advice. Our customized digital or mailing notifications and tracking help ensure the right notifications reach the right people.

The ZeroFox Advantage

With IDX Breach Notification

Your Partner with Industry-Leading Products and Services” to ”Industry-Leading Products and Services

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    Part of your cyber insurance team 
    Working with insurance team and insured’s privacy attorney, we deliver precisely what is needed for an efficient and effective breach response
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    Secret weapon for privacy attorneys 
    Achieve successful breach notification with highly scalable, compliant solutions that include notifications, mailing, call center and dedicated enrollment site
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    Ready to respond to government agency needs 
    Largest provider of breach identity protection services to the Federal Government with a platform that achieves the highest level of security
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    Ensure you are ready for an inevitable data breach 
    Prepare for a data breach before it happens with our Priority Response MSA solution with access to preferred pricing and the most experienced breach notification team
With IDX Breach Notification

Data breach impacts are on the rise


average cost of a data breach worldwide


of organizations have had more than 1 breach


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Frequently asked questions

A data breach is a security (or privacy) incident that meets specific legal definitions as per state and federal breach laws. Data breaches require notification to the affected individuals, regulatory agencies, and sometimes credit reporting agencies and the media.


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