Incident Readiness

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Incident Readiness

What is incident readiness?

Incident readiness is the proactive preparation and planning for cyber threats. Organizations should develop and refine incident response plans, test incident response plans through tabletop exercises, and implement measures to prevent, detect, and respond to security incidents. The objective is to minimize the impact of a security breach, reduce recovery time, and ensure a swift, effective response.

Why is incident readiness important?

As cyber threats are increasing in frequency and complexity, incidents can have devastating effects to an organization’s bottom line and reputation. Organizations need to be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to reduce the impact of security incidents, while also enhancing stakeholder confidence, regulatory compliance, and overall cybersecurity posture.

Improve confidence in your ability to respond to incidents through comprehensive readiness services

ZeroFox helps organizations improve their defenses by understanding the threats and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) most likely to target them. Understanding who is most likely going to target them and how, helps organizations assess and prioritize their defensive measures and gain confidence in their abilities to protect against and respond to any cyber incident.

Why ZeroFox for Incident Readiness?


Average Cost of a Data Breach


of all cyber crimes in 2022 were accounted for by ransomware


saved in incident response costs by having an incident response plan

Benefits of Incident Readiness

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Gain confidence in response capabilities

Test and refine response activities and decision-making and gain real-world experience


Stay ahead of threats

Understand specific threats and prioritize defenses


Enhance security resilience

Identify gaps and comply with regulations to reduce risk


Minimize financial and reputational impact

Develop effective response strategies and minimize losses

Benefits of Incident Readiness

Key Services

Utilize tabletop exercises to simulate realistic cyber threats to test and evaluate the ability of response to a cyber attack or other cyber-related emergencies. Exercises are built to engage key stakeholders in discussing and analyzing a hypothetical scenario to identify strengths and weaknesses in the response effort. Tabletop exercises offer a cost and time effective way to evaluate and improve incident readiness.

Key Services

ZeroFox Incident Retainer Service

Our customers benefit from pre-purchased hours as part of our essentials, premium, and elite retainer levels. 

Guarantee access to our specialized expertise, resources, and tools when needed most
Minimize impact of any incident and faster recovery
Convert retainer hours into incident readiness services, such as tabletop exercises or threat hunting

Frequently asked questions

Incident Readiness is the proactive approach of ensuring that an organization has the necessary strategies and capabilities in place to respond to a security incident quickly and effectively.


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