Anatomy Of An Enterprise Social Media Cyberattack: Cyber Piracy

2 minute read

“Going viral” is both a blessing and a curse. The right information — marketing content, advertisements, customer engagement campaigns — thrives on virality. But pirated material or copywritten content, maliciously or mistakenly posted on social media, becomes instantly public. Piracy can result from not having the necessary security measures in place. The cost to the organization can impact your bottom line through widely distributed pirated content — a global annual cost of more than $70 billion. Do you know how cyber piracy is affecting your organization?

Social media has taken cyber piracy from the shadows of the internet and placed it centerstage. Unfortunately for brands, who spend millions of dollars to produce, market and advertise their content, the piracy business is booming. What consumer doesn’t want to catch the newest movie, live event, TV show premier or next hit song for free? But how to nd it? The internet, of course. And no longer is it only found in the remote corners of the internet; it’s in plain sight on your social feeds. Welcome to the new paradigm of piracy. For the 21st Century digital buccaneer, social media is the high seas: the easiest and fastest way for them to market, advertise and monetize someone else’s hard-earned content.

ZeroFox helps organizations like TubeFlix by taking to the high seas and fighting pirates where they’re commandeering your customers. ZeroFox scours social media and the social web for any pirated or stolen content. The ZeroFox platform is for the modern security team, one that covers every aspect of a company’s exposure. By applying technology and automation to the problem, ZeroFox makes an onerous manual task, fast, efficient and scalable in a growing ocean of social data. Bringing the fight to the Pirates, ZeroFox protects you from immense revenue loss and stops the pirates from looting your business.

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