How Simple Features Yield the Most Functionality: Introducing ZeroFox Alert Tagging

How Simple Features Yield the Most Functionality: Introducing ZeroFox Alert Tagging
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In the 80/20 principle of software development, it’s often the simplest features that end up having the most impact for users. This week, we've rolled out one such feature to all customers, ZeroFox Alert Tagging, which adds another layer of customization and contextualization to the ZeroFox Platform, enabling you to manage alerts within the unique parameters of your organization’s social media protection program.

Monitoring the online presence of your brand, executives and multiple product lines is no small feat. As threats on social media continue to increase, organizations need to commit themselves to identifying and remediating those threats. It’s more important than ever to have a system in place that can not only identify and remediate these threats across social and digital channels but also help you make sense of the threats that are identified. ZeroFox’s latest feature, ZeroFox Alert Tagging, provides an additional layer of customization intelligence to an already strong default intelligence system. Using tags, you can gain key insights into alert trends and keep information organized based on your organization’s unique security needs.

We know that, within your organization, you likely have a number of differing security and business concerns. Brand protection and hashtag hijacking may be interesting to your marketing team while counterfeit products or fake product coupons may be more concerning to your risk & fraud team while information security handles spearphishing. You want to know right away if a malicious account is sharing a product scam to your key buyers. So how do you distinguish the two types of alerts and make information useful for all of your security concerns?

Setting up for success with ZeroFox Alert Tagging

Before you can begin organizing the information you receive from alerts, you first have to decide what to alert on. Using both ZeroFox’s standard and customizable rules, you can easily configure your system to alert only on what’s most important to you. When deciding what to alert on, rather than thinking about all of the available possibilities, focus on the problem you are trying to solve. Is your CEO concerned with imposter accounts? Your VP of Marketing worried about brand impersonation? Events Manager worried about location safety at your upcoming conference? Focusing on the problem rather than the solution will help you to tailor your ZeroFox system to meet the specific goals of your organization.

Seeing results

You’ve set up your entities and rules and are ready to start monitoring and taking action on alerts. Within your rule settings, make sure to customize your risk ratings to help your team prioritize alerts as they come in. For example, an account takeover, by default, is prioritized higher than a negative review on Facebook. Risk ratings ensure that your team, and ours, can focus on the issues that are most critical and time-sensitive first.

An additional layer of intelligence

Even with the ability to filter alerts based on rules, risk ratings, entity tags, networks and more, we heard from our customers that they wanted the ability to customize alerts even further. We know that as the system administrator, you know your system and your organization better than anyone else, so you should organize your alerts based on that knowledge.

With the new ZeroFox Alert Tagging feature, you can now create custom labels to make sense of the information delivered to you. They’re simple to set up and can be added or edited at any time as your needs change, directly from the Alerts page.

Easily filter and sort based on risk, network, tags, and more.

ZeroFox Alert Tags keep your organization’s priorities front and center so you can quickly take note and take action on any attack to your brand, your people and your organization. You can use tags to classify accounts, domains, and mobile apps as you identify your social media footprint. With the CSV Reports feature, you can also easily export tagging information to gain valuable insight through custom reporting on trends and alerts. Start adding your custom tags today!

Tagging is one of those features that is often considered something of a nice-to-have; it doesn’t have the flashiest UI and doesn’t come overhyped with marketing collateral. But in terms of functionality, it is a foundational software capability. It opens the technology to unique use cases within organizations as deep as the user’s imagination and as unique as the organization itself. Segment ZeroFox alerts by departments, by physical event, by internal policy violation, by importance, by what you want to save for reporting later, by partner, by KPI, by group, by campaign, by initiative, by management needs, by workflow, by business group, by product line, by revenue stream, by grandmother’s maiden name, by favorite ice cream, by cocktail preference, by whatever else your organization needs or can dream up.

At ZeroFox, we’re always looking for new ways to serve you better. Our product is built on the experience of many implementations, industry knowledge and expert research. Learn more about how ZeroFox can help your organization protect your people and products from social media attacks with a custom demo.

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