Is Dark Web Monitoring Worth The Investment? How To Present Your Business Case

Is Dark Web Monitoring Worth The Investment? How To Present Your Business Case
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Information on the dark web is separate from the internet we use for most of our online activities. Although the internet sites accessible through the dark web can be used for legitimate purposes, the anonymity afforded by using this specialized part of the internet creates an environment that is well-suited and extensively used for the illicit sale of confidential or illegal information or items. 

For a business or organization, this can present a cyber threat. Your information could be stolen and sold or accessed through the dark web, and your regular cybersecurity measures may not be able to detect the threat. 

Specialized dark web monitoring can help mitigate the risk of your information being misused in this way. This article will establish the case for investing in dark web monitoring and provide useful insights into how to advocate for dark web monitoring within your organization. First, what is dark web monitoring?

The Importance Of Monitoring The Dark Web

Dark web monitoring is an important part of a complete cybersecurity system as the deep and dark web make up 96% of the internet. So, the danger of your organization's data being misappropriated or sold by threat agents accessing the dark web is significant. Data brokers continually seek out vulnerable businesses and individuals to acquire personal information or business data that can be sold on the dark web.

If your organization's information is breached and sold on the dark web, your company could lose substantial resources. Because an attack using information acquired through the dark web may not be identified quickly, the damage could be more extensive.

Dark web monitoring through an advanced AI-assisted platform can alert you to any compromised, stolen, or breached sensitive materials about your organization that are available on the dark web. In fact, IBM found that the average savings for organizations that use security AI and automation extensively is $1.76 million compared to organizations that don't. AI-assisted platforms can allow you to respond to threats quickly and prevent the negative consequences of credential theft and data leakage.

Who Needs Dark Web Monitoring Services?

Some industry data is particularly attractive to the agents that operate on the dark web. Even if your company's organization is not specifically mentioned on this list, anytime you store any client information or sensitive business data, you could be a target for a dark web data broker. These types of organizations should be particularly vigilant:

Tech Companies 

Tech companies use digital platforms for nearly all their data and research, and because of the work and development going on within these platforms, they often provide a number of open attack vectors. 

As the attack surface of a tech company includes not only their normal organizational systems but also their research and development projects that could be infiltrated and exploited, they should take extra precautions. Including dark web monitoring for any of your organization's data can help prevent the widespread damage of a breach of a tech company's extensive platforms.

Financial Service Providers

Financial service providers hold extensive client information which makes them very valuable to threat agents. Organizations that work with financial information are expected to maintain a high level of security to provide the best experience for their clients. 

Avoiding opportunities for information breach through dark web monitoring can give your clients the assurance they want from a financial institution, and can save your company money by quickly handling any occasions of breach through the dark web.


Online retail companies offer a unique opportunity for hackers and threat agents. Information about your company's potential clients and previous shoppers creates a perfect environment for scams or phishing schemes. 

If access to your retail company's information is passed along through the dark web, you could lose out on revenue because of impersonating website scams, counterfeit goods, or simply having your own company's assets stolen. 

Dark web monitoring can alert you to risks to your organization's information security so your cybersecurity team can act quickly to avoid an extensive breach.

Media Companies

Media companies rely on revenue streams through their content, making them vulnerable to the types of attacks that a threat actor can use with data acquired on the dark web. If a threat agent uses your organization's platform to damage your public image, you could end up needing extensive damage control, resulting in lost profits. 

With dark web monitoring, you can keep alert to any planned misused of information and quickly respond to potential threats.

Dark Web Monitoring: The Benefits For Your Business

Organizations that are being targeted on the dark web stand to lose not only new sources of revenue from threat actors impersonating their brand to decrease web traffic, but also risk their network systems being breached and having assets or sensitive data stolen.

Including dark web monitoring in your online protection plan can prevent your organization from the long-term consequences of being perceived as an easy target for cyber attackers. With 1 in 4 Americans saying that they will not do business with a company that has been a victim of a cyberattack, consider these other benefits of doing everything you can to protect your data and business.

Data Breach Prevention

Globally, data breaches have cost organizations on average over 4 million dollars a year. Keep your organization out of that statistic by doing all you can to mitigate your risk of being an easy target. Know where your company's information is by using dark web monitoring in addition to your other cybersecurity measures.

Protection And Peace Of Mind For Stakeholders

Stakeholders want to know that their personal information and assets attached to your organization are protected. Dark web monitoring keeps a continuous lookout for any potentially dangerous activity, allowing you to reassure your organization of your security. 

24/7 Data Surveillance

When partnered with a security company that offers 24/7 data surveillance, you know that a threat will be unlikely to be missed, and it can be handled quickly and efficiently.

How Can My Business Effectively Monitor Information On The Dark Web?

Cybersecurity providers that use AI technology and human insights can successfully monitor even dark web networks. Effective threat intelligence and cybersecurity awareness can mitigate the risks shareholders and organizations are taking when using digital platforms. Some of the techniques that ZeroFox dark web monitoring service includes are: 

ZeroFox AI Processing

ZeroFox uses an AI tool that can comb through enormous amounts of data, including the dark web, to identify any chatter about your organization or potential threats. It can also identify your organization's information and create a detailed report of its findings. 

ZeroFox Dark Ops Agents

ZeroFox security operatives are alert to criminal cyber threats because they keep constant monitoring of even the deepest parts of the internet. The advantage of having a team that is not only familiar but also skilled in navigating the dark web is that we know what we are looking for and where your mishandled data is likely to show up. 

ZeroFox Quick Response

By incorporating ZeroFox into your online protection strategy, you're not just getting a tool – you're gaining a dedicated incident response team. We're well-versed in the 'laws of the land', adept at navigating the digital landscape, and skilled at engaging with threat actors discreetly, ensuring that suspicions aren't raised. With us on your side, potential breaches are addressed promptly, minimizing any negative impacts on your organization.

ZeroFox has made it their business to provide optimal online protection against all cyber security threats. We offer dark web monitoring because it is a vital part of many organizations' complete risk mitigation plans. How can you advocate for the best multilayer cyber protection when discussing your organization's case for dark web monitoring?

Making The Business Case For An Investment In Dark Web Monitoring

When presenting the case for why your organization should invest in dark web monitoring, use a simple and direct approach. These best practices can help clarify how dark web monitoring is a worthwhile investment in the long-term safety of your organization.

  • Review the potential risks to both your organization's assets and reputation in the case of a data breach or ransomware attack.
  • Review the current cybersecurity measures your organization is undertaking, and explain why you have made the investment.
  • Communicate the risks that exist on the dark web and explain why your company is vulnerable. Highlight the difference between your regular cybersecurity measures and why they are not effective in protecting data that is sold or traded on the dark web. Use these talking points:
    • The dark web can only be accessed using a specialized browser and is therefore inaccessible to cybersecurity measures designed for the rest of the internet.
    • The threat agents using the dark web are more likely to have a nefarious intent and are more experienced in seeking out usable data.
    • Chatter on the dark web about your organization may open you up to multiple attacks while closing down this chatter quickly may protect your organization from drawing undue interest to itself.
  • Show real-world examples specific to your organization that demonstrate the potential cost of a cyberattack.
  • Conclude with a specific explanation of how ZeroFox dark web monitoring will improve your organization's online protection.

Protecting Your Business’s Information and Reputation With Zerofox

Protect assets and intellectual property by choosing ZeroFox as your external cybersecurity provider. Security leaders in all industries, but especially those that work in tech, retail, finance, and media and entertainment should fully understand the business case for why managed dark web monitoring services are essential to your business. Protecting your business, your employees and your customers from falling victim to a data breach makes dark web monitoring one of the best investments your business can make from a cyber security perspective.

To learn more about how ZeroFox helps you identify and disrupt prospective attackers before they can harm your business and reputation, contact us today or Request a Demo.

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