How ZeroFox’s Powerhouse Partner Program Drives More Paths to Protection

How ZeroFox’s Powerhouse Partner Program Drives More Paths to Protection
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Partnership has been at the heart of successful cybersecurity and threat intelligence for decades. The nature of effective, proactive security involves intra-institutional collaboration across departments and multiple data sources. Information sharing among institutions of critical threat factors and best practices through ISACs has become a pathway for enterprises to buoy their security chops and play beyond the scope of their internal limitations. Even amongst us marketing pros, there is a constant collaborative flywheel of creation, production, activation and dissection that involves a choreographed hand-off between multiple specialists. Partnership has also been core to ZeroFox’s services for nearly ten years, as we work hand-in-hand with leading social media platforms and domain providers to takedown malicious activity and mitigate brand impersonations. 

Partnership is the engine that drives the ultimate success of any cybersecurity business by assembling higher-quality, specialized technology and services best suited to solve for - and adapt to -  each customer’s unique security requirements. As they say, 1 + 1 can equal 11 if you do it right.

Earlier this week, ZeroFox launched our new Global Partner Program at a time when digital risk protection, intelligence and disruption are top of mind for leaders demanding resiliency against an ever-expanding attack surface. As ZeroFox continues to deepen our capabilities with cyberattack disruption and brand protection, we are uniquely focused on enabling a broad partner ecosystem. This consists of managed service providers, technology integrations and consultants aimed at maximizing the ability to meet the security and business needs of our diverse customer set. 

How ZeroFox Customers Benefit From Our Partner Program

Investment in cybersecurity continues to grow, especially beyond the well-established IT arena of endpoint security programs that detect and mitigate risk within an organization’s perimeter. Focus on defense and disruption against an expanding public attack surface has flourished as businesses and public institutions alike recognize the potential for lasting consequences for brand valuation, negative impacts to customer engagement, and risk to executives.

The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Of ZeroFox Solutions For Digital Security And Threat Intelligence notes that “quickly identifying, remediating, and eliminating digital security risks have become a priority for most enterprise organizations. And by minimizing identity, data and financial theft scenarios, organizations can preserve their brand, reputation and customer base.”

ZeroFox supports over 1000 customers in 50 countries with a powerful suite of cybersecurity solutions. Each of our customers has a unique and evolving security journey as they strive to blend data, intelligence, human resources and technology to empower their security teams to reduce risk and build a comprehensive security posture. 

ZeroFox’s close collaboration with a diverse partner ecosystem means that our customers can access a best-in-class complementary toolbox of threat intelligence, managed services and AI-powered technology to protect their executives, their customers, their employees and their data - all appropriately scaled to meet the needs and expertise of their security teams.

Additionally, customers are able to maximize their investment by working with a partner to access ZeroFox’s solutions through bundling or packaging these services, reducing contractual administration and enabling better reporting on key security KPIs. 

Our partner program ecosystem is active throughout the world and includes:

  • Value-Added Resellers, consultants, security service providers and integrators are trusted partners to their customer base. This relationship is critical to successfully navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape and help identify their unique security needs, refine requirements and package a full solution stack. Many of these Value-Added Resellers offer security teams ongoing training and optimization to ensure that they make the most out of their ZeroFox investment and all of their security goals are met. Many of these partners have long-standing industry expertise and deep relationships within their geographic territory. Check out ZeroFox partners like GuidePoint, Optiv, Set Solutions, Orange Cyber Defense UK, Thundercat and PROOF.
  • Our marketplace of Technology Partners is consistently growing, bringing seamless integrations into some of the most powerful and widely used security management tools and platforms, such as SIEMs, SOAR, XDR, BI, and TIPs. These platforms illuminate ZeroFox’s threat intelligence and digital risk protection services in context with internal and external data feeds, drive automation, improve collaboration, and build efficiencies within the security operations team. Check out our technology integrations with industry leaders like Anomali, D3 Security, AlienVault, Hootsuite, Splunk, and IBM QRadar.
  • Cybersecurity is no longer the concern of only large companies. Managed Service Security Providers (MSSPs)are offering developing security operations teams the opportunity to enhance or fully outsource operations so that organizations of every size can work towards key security metrics. ZeroFox strengthens managed security providers’ capabilities across the public attack surface, helping mitigate threats to the customers' brand and disrupt potential threats early. Some of ZeroFox’s MSSP partners include CapGemini, Obrela Security, DefendEdge, and LP3.

Over the past year, ZeroFox’s footprint has expanded globally. Several of our partners, such as CyberSecurity South Africa, Exclusive Networks and Spectrami support the unique regional context of threats and security posture. 

How ZeroFox Works with Partners

We embrace our partner ecosystem as an extension of ZeroFox’s team and culture. Partner program participants receive in-depth training on the ZeroFox mission, platform, and threat intelligence capabilities empowering partners’ teams to be true digital risk protection and brand management advocates for their customers. Partners are also invited to participate in our partner advisory board, a collaborative group of executives that advocate for their customers and help drive product improvements and business strategy to better meet the needs of the marketplace.

Activate Your Security Strategy with our Partner Program

If you are currently working with a security consultant, MSSP, security technology platform, or other security vendor and would like to add ZeroFox to your security strategy, contact one of our experts. Read the full press release announcing our partner-first strategy here.

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