Social Media Big Data Just Got Bigger

Social Media Big Data Just Got Bigger
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Three out of every four internet-connected people are active on social media. With engagement numbers this high, organizations are figuring out how to digest such a massive volume of data. This ZeroFox infographic demonstrates the scale of social media big data through the largest mainstream networks. Social media big data is only getting bigger and bigger as more people get connected to the internet. Social media - like any thing - has its' good and bad parts. Social media big data, if it isn't already, being sold to large corporations so they can better understand, and target consumers.

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Big data is every business' favorite buzzword nowadays. But when does regular data become big data, and when does big data become huge data? Social media takes data to a whole new level - nearly 3/4 of all internet connected people on earth use social media, meaning the amount of user-generated online content is mind-boggingly massive, and it's only going to grow. Sifting through this data is a daunting task for information security officers, marketers, or anyone trying to make sense of social media. Just how big is this task?

'With numbers like these, a one-in-a-million chance happens thousands of times per day.'

Social media big data is impossible to monitor manually, and finding malicious actors and protecting your organization is a growing challenge. As such, organizations are increasingly turning to automated security and marketing solutions to help. With social media big data this big, don't get buried alive.

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