Smarter Together: ZeroFox Acquires Cyveillance to Accelerate Digital Risk Protection Leadership

Smarter Together: ZeroFox Acquires Cyveillance to Accelerate Digital Risk Protection Leadership
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2020 has changed business dynamics, creating an increasing reliance on digital platforms to reach customers and deliver services. This shift to digital-first has left IT and InfoSec teams grappling with a new public attack surface that is mostly ungoverned and unprotected by tools in their tech stack. Accelerated digital transformation means organizations are racing to deliver new digital experiences, adopting new platforms without the standard vetting with little to no visibility into the potential threats these platforms pose. Security teams with limited staff, resources and time are challenged to keep pace and retain control - let's say: security teams could use a little help. 

The speed and scale at which digital threats occur requires an innovative and comprehensive approach. Manual, human-driven detection and analysis will not be enough. Automated monitoring alone will be insufficient. What security teams need is the integration of three critical capabilities: visibility across a vast public data set, AI-powered technology to detect and disrupt complex threats at scale, and human intelligence to perform expert analysis and response tailored to needs. 

Cyveillance Joins ZeroFox 

Today, ZeroFox announced the acquisition of the Cyveillance business from LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Inc™. Cyveillance, founded in 1997, is the pioneer in open-source intelligence and has an elite global network of intelligence analysts and the world's most historically complete threat intelligence data repository. Cyveillance delivers comprehensive threat intelligence solutions, protecting the corporate brands, executives, and data of the world's largest and most respected financial services, energy, and public sector organizations. 

To accelerate the innovation and service delivery for organizations worldwide who depend on us to protect their critical assets, data and accounts on public platforms, we are employing acquisitions as multipliers in our go-forward strategy. The powerful combination of both the pioneer in Digital Risk Protection and the pioneer in Threat Intelligence that have a shared mission of protecting organizations on public platforms creates significant synergies. The unique combination of ZeroFox’s AI-powered Digital Risk Protection Platform and Cyveillance historically complete threat intelligence data lake and global human intelligence network positions ZeroFox as the worldwide leader in intelligence-driven Digital Risk Protection. The addition of Cyveillance allows us to scale our Digital Risk Protection and Threat Intelligence solutions and complements our renowned AI and remediation capabilities to protect the entire digital threat lifecycle. Our combined customer base of blue-chip enterprises makes ZeroFox the largest, most proven provider in the Digital Risk Protection market worldwide, serving the needs of the world's most recognized brands.  

Some of the Cyveillance solutions include:

  • Cyveillance Digital Risk Protection Services - A customer-centric Digital Risk Protection managed service that augments the force of information security teams looking to identify, analyze, and disrupt threats to critical assets and data.
  • Cyveillance Data Lake - Cyveillance has the world's largest repository of cyber threat intelligence and threat actor information with more than 20 years of data assembled from the surface, deep, and dark web—powering enrichment, contextualization, API feeds, and threat hunting.
  • Cyveillance Finished Intelligence - A digital library of actionable and relevant finished intelligence based on primary threat research and a proprietary intelligence data lake.
  • Cyveillance Investigation, Analysis and Response Services - Custom investigation and analysis for physical and digital threats. Advanced analysts provide deep-dive reports, security forensics, threat assessments, research projects, and ad-hoc analyst projects. Projects are designed to dynamically apply and incorporate industry best practices into security and risk management programs.

Intelligence-Driven Digital Risk Protection

Our goal is to ensure we ultimately meet your cybersecurity requirements by delivering an intelligence-based Digital Risk Protection solution. Our customers will have access to all the critical capabilities required to execute a cybersecurity program for this new digital-first world including:

  • AI-Powered Digital Risk Protection Platform
  • OnWatch™ 7X24 Managed Services
  • On-Demand Remediation and Takedown-as-a-Service™
  • Elite Global Team of 175 Intelligence Analysts
  • World's Most Historically Complete Threat Intelligence Data Lake

Our combined capabilities enable our customers to cost-effectively protect and disrupt the entire digital threat lifecycle at the scale and speed of the internet. The ZeroFox team looks forward to protecting your digital-first world.  

Read the full press release and learn more about the acquisition here.

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