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Helping Nokia continue their mission for innovation by protecting millions of their followers


Nokia protects and engages with close to 28 million fans and followers online.


Alerts generated related to Nokia brand in 2022.


Incidents investigated using ZeroFox alert triage services in 2022.

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Customer Profile

Nokia is a B2B technology innovation leader in networking, bringing together the world's people, machines and devices to realize the potential of digital in every industry.





Company size

87K Employees across 130 countries

Over the years I think there’s been hundreds–if not thousands–of impersonations that have been taken down to protect the Nokia brand experience on social media. And, for me, that’s the biggest impact of ZeroFox. Our followers know that the Nokia channels they engage with can be trusted, verified, and they are brand compliant.

Päivi Kalske | Head of Corporate Social Media at Nokia

Life Before ZeroFox

  1. This global telecommunications leader needed a systematic way to protect engagement with close to 28 million followers online. 
  2. Nokia’s team and online communities were minimizing the risk of cyberattacks, relying primarily on manual threat detection and remediation processes. 
  3. With the constant increase in online engagement, they sought a simpler, systematic way to keep their brand and their communities safe.

Global telecommunications leader, Nokia, has been creating the future for 155+  years that has garnered close to 28 million fans and followers worldwide. Their commitment to innovation has built a community that they needed to keep safe from online adversaries. 

Fortune 500 companies with expansive online presences can be the target of opportunistic threat actors. These adversaries look to impersonate renowned brands like Nokia, then steal intellectual property or leverage deepfake technology to scam their loyal followers. Nokia built and established their online presence, including social media channels and websites, and they needed a more effective and less time-consuming system to protect those public assets from online adversaries. 

Brand reputation and safe community engagement on social media are priorities for this telecommunications giant. In the early age of social media, they dedicated manual effort to crawl and monitor these pages for malicious activity that could pose a risk. Keeping a constant pulse on all public assets became an arduous, time-consuming task. 

“Some of the social media platforms out there are not as responsive to takedown requests. Even for bigger brands, it can really be quite cumbersome to manage on your own,” explains Päivi Kalske, Head of Corporate Social Media at Nokia.

We needed a systematic way to protect our brand and company legacy against deepfakes, online impersonators, and threat actors using Nokia’s intellectual property to scam people.

The ZeroFox Edge

  1. Nokia’s social media, information security, and executive leadership teams collaborated to find the right solution to protect the communities and brand reputation.
  2. ZeroFox delivered an AI-driven solution providing the needed automation to process and remediate malicious activity. 
  3. Deepfakes, impersonations, phishing links and fraudulent activity on Nokia’s sites are automatically alerted on using ZeroFox’s digital risk protection solution. 
  4. ZeroFox’s comprehensive solution relieves the team of manual social media monitoring and allows them to expand protection efforts to executives as well. 

Nokia’s corporate teams aligned to find a solution that would protect their established brand reputation and minimize risk of cyber attacks. ZeroFox has been their security partner since 2016 to help them with just that.

“ZeroFox has really made an impact by providing real-time alerts for critical impersonations, allowing us to take fast action and process takedowns more effectively and efficiently,” explained Päivi Kalske.

ZeroFox is taking care of us in the background so we can then focus on building our social media and brand presence.

ZeroFox monitors Nokia’s public assets, including social media channels, for malicious activity. The platform automatically alerts their team to deepfakes, impersonations, phishing links, and fraudulent activity that puts their communities at risk of cyberattacks. But alerting is only the first step. ZeroFox also offers takedown services to disrupt adversaries.   

Using ZeroFox’s digital risk protection comprehensive platform has allowed Nokia to extend their protection to their executives as well, ensuring that threat actors are not impersonating trusted leaders to extort their most valuable assets – their people. As Kalske points out, “ZeroFox gives me peace of mind that our social media presence is protected.” 

Since deploying ZeroFox, Nokia has gained valuable time back from manually processing and remediating threats and gained critical, measurable visibility into malicious activity on their online pages. 

“Right before or during a big product launch for Nokia, we typically see an increase in impersonations. It’s something that we can now prepare for and take action.” 

For Nokia, protecting their brand’s legacy from threat actors is a top priority. ZeroFox continues to guide them in reducing risk to their brand, executives, and online communities from ever evolving cyber threats with our industry leading, automated digital risk protection solution. 

“Over the years I think there’s been hundreds – if not thousands – of impersonations that have been taken down to protect the online Nokia brand experience. And, for me, that’s the biggest impact of ZeroFox. Our followers know that the Nokia channels they engage with can be trusted, verified, and they are brand compliant.”

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