Protect Your Business On Social Media With ZeroFOX For Hootsuite

Automatically Identify And Remediate Social Media Risks in the Hootsuite Dashboard

Hootsuite Dashboard

With ZeroFOX for Hootsuite, you can:


Fake accounts impersonate your company and employees in order to distribute fraudulent or offensive content. This can cause current customers to lose trust and make it nearly impossible to attract new followers. ZeroFOX for Hootsuite identifies fraudulent accounts and lets you issue profiles takedowns straight from your Hootsuite stream.


Customer Fraud

With social media, consumers have never had such a powerful platform to engage with their favorite brands. Unfortunately, scammers are quick to exploit this trusted relationship by hijacking hashtags, impersonating organizations and defrauding customers. ZeroFOX for Hootsuite helps you find and take down these scams, which, at the scale of social media, can ruin an organization’s bottom line.

customer fraud

Account Compromise

Social media accounts are the ultimate prize for hackers. They use a compromised account to to flood hard-earned followers with spam, offensive content and malicious links. ZeroFOX for Hootsuite lets you know when any owned account is acting suspiciously or posting things it shouldn’t.

account compromise

Malicious Links

Facebook is now the #1 source for malware anywhere online. ZeroFOX for Hootsuite monitors for malicious links in your Hootsuite stream, ensuring marketers don’t fall victim to phishing or malware attacks.

malicious links

Offending Content

Social media can be an hostile place for customers and marketers alike. ZeroFOX for Hootsuite makes social safe again with automated alerts on dangerous, threatening or offensive content that targets your brand and social accounts.

offending content

ZeroFOX For Hootsuite Finds the Bad Stuff On Social Media

  • Protect your accounts from brand impersonations, customer scams, fraud and malicious links
  • Monitor your accounts, hashtags and brand assets, and issue takedowns for malicious profiles and content
  • Automatically identify and remediate risks in a Hootsuite stream, all while monitoring other social media activities

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