LookingGlass is now part of ZeroFox.

The solutions you know and trust from LookingGlass, now part of ZeroFox.

LookingGlass is now part of ZeroFox.

Expanding visibility and protection across the external attack surface


Monitor your attack surface, enriched with threat intelligence, to manage your cyber risk and vulnerabilities.

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Create tailored threat actor models to detect and respond to the most relevant threats to your organization.

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Discover and catalog your assets, validated vulnerabilities and exposures across your external attack surface

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scoutPRIME Key Features


Create and manage dynamic footprints of any internet-accessible asset or network to identify if an asset on your networks is part of a cyber incident 


Aggregate, normalize, and index 88 data sources and cyber threat intelligence feeds — out of the box.


Leverage the proprietary Threat Indicator Confidence™ (TIC) scoring system developed with scoutPRIME’s dynamic foot-printing capabilities overlaid with enriched and contextualized threat intelligence


Export threat intel in a variety of formats to orchestrate your security appliances and improve cyber defenses.

scoutPRIME Key Features

scoutTHREAT Key Features

Anticipate your adversaries’ next move

Quickly pinpoint and understand the threat actors targeting the sectors that matter to your organization and uncover those actors’ capabilities to identify their next move.

Reduce risk and prioritize cyber investment In-Line Remediation

Actor modeling combined with built-in risk scoring enables your organization to highlight key risks and gaps in your security posture and to prioritize cyber investments to mitigate and reduce those risks.

Automate threat indicator and entity extraction

Automatically extract key attack indicators from both structured and unstructured threat intelligence for rapid correlation and processing

scoutTHREAT Key Features

scoutINSPECT Key Features

Inventory Discovery & Mapping

Map your domain infrastructure and sub-domains, and continuously survey your networks to catalog all your internet-facing inventory.

Vulnerability, Exposure, and Misconfiguration Details

Gain deep insight into traditional vulnerabilities and exposures, as well as insight into misconfigurations and changes in inventory

Flexible API and Integrations

Import and export exposures, inventory and intelligence-enriched data in a variety of formats to orchestrate your security appliances and improve cyber defenses.

scoutINSPECT Key Features

Explore ZeroFox’s Complete External Cybersecurity Platform

Only the ZeroFox unified External Cybersecurity platform combines the power of AI, full-spectrum intelligence services, and a robust portfolio of breach, incident and takedown response capabilities.

  • Protection

    Protect brands, domains, executives, and other external assets across the surface, deep, and dark web. Identity and remediate attacks including impersonations, phishing, fraud, account takeover and data leakage at scale.

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  • Intelligence

  • Disruption

  • Response

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