Managed Cyber Threat Intelligence

Enhance internal security efforts with tailored cyber threat intelligence (CTI) services

Continuously Collected, Completely Managed

Security threats are constantly changing, making it nearly impossible for security teams to cost-effectively stay abreast of relevant threats. Reducing the volumes of threat data into actionable insights to provide a holistic understanding of the risks posed to your business is a real challenge. Our managed intelligence service combines structured threat intelligence feeds, indicators of compromise (IOCs), targeted automated and human collection across the surface, social, deep and dark web. With unrivaled machine and human analysis, ZeroFox provides only the most relevant and actionable intelligence to your security leadership and teams.

The Value of Managed Intelligence

Fully Managed Threat Intelligence

Augment your internal team’s CTI efforts with our team of expert analysts who serve as an extension of your team. Our managed service employs a global network of researchers, analysts, and ZeroFox’s proprietary advanced content scoring and round-the-clock human vetting to deliver timely, relevant, and actionable intelligence across the entire spectrum of online risks.

Multi-Source Collection

Our team of multi-lingual cybersecurity analysts and analysis platforms continuously monitor the surface, social, and deep and dark web for real-time indicators of risk to your brand, employees, networks and data. Receive granular incident notifications delivered via platform or API, as well as a monthly summary of incidents.

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Tailored Investigation and Analysis

Serving as an extension of your team, ZeroFox analysts identify relevant threats to your business, executives, assets and data while providing predictive analysis to mitigate the risks associated with emerging trends.

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Observation on Open Source and Company Systems

Receive immediate 24x7x365 human-vetted alerts across the surface, deep and dark web as well as malicious activity that could put internal systems at risk.

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Remediate Today, Mitigate Tomorrow

Our managed service directly leverages ZeroFox’s class-leading remediation capabilities to effectively and efficiently reduce current risks.


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