ZeroFox Announces On-Demand Incident Response Services

ZeroFox Incident Response extends the company’s existing leadership in breach response services, leveraging unique external cybersecurity, and threat intelligence capabilities 

Washington DC – May 25, 2023 – ZeroFox (Nasdaq: ZFOX), an enterprise software-as-a-service leader in external cybersecurity, today announced the addition of its On-Demand Incident Response services as part of its external cybersecurity platform. ZeroFox Incident Response is built upon ZeroFox’s existing best-in-class threat intelligence, digital risk protection, and breach response capabilities to provide companies with comprehensive digital forensics and incident response support. The service extends ZeroFox’s proven track record of supporting thousands of breached enterprises, with robust solutions for breach notifications, response operations call centers, and privacy protection for impacted populations. Now, those same organizations can leverage advanced capabilities in dark web monitoring, threat intelligence, and on-demand access to elite and an experienced incident response team to effectively investigate and remediate incidents as well as proactively mitigate future breaches.

When it comes to combating cyber threats, time is of the essence. The longer it takes to investigate a cyber incident, the more opportunity the adversary has to cause harm, costing organizations time, money, reputation, and customers. Organizations today are facing cybersecurity challenges that have accelerated in frequency, severity, and complexity – a proven partner is critical for a rapid response. In the past year, ZeroFox worked with over a thousand organizations to mitigate breaches – solidifying the industry-wide need for expanded digital forensics and incident response services that move quickly and efficiently to mitigate risk.

ZeroFox On-Demand Incident Response enables organizations to efficiently address external threats such as intellectual property theft, data breaches, insider threats, and other destructive attacks. The advanced service includes: 

  • 24/7 incident response coverage with rapid response time, helping organizations return to business-as-usual as quickly as possible.
  • An experienced incident response team that uses industry leading tools and techniques to execute our proven response methodology and identify, respond to, and recover from incidents.
  • End-to-end response services from investigation to notification, enabling security teams to focus on essential tasks while we handle the intricacies of incident management.
  • Adversary disruption and automated takedowns via ZeroFox’s leading global takedown service to proactively disrupt phishing and fraud threats.
  • Continuous dark web monitoring to detect if information compromised during a security incident is leaked or put up for sale, which alerts for compromised credentials, sensitive data leaks, and relevant attack planning and chatter. 
  • Incident readiness services to help organizations assess and prioritize their defensive measures and gain confidence in their abilities to protect against and respond to any cyber incidents. 

“Effective incident response requires the power of threat intelligence, the precision of brand protection services, and the ability to act swiftly. Our incident response services check those boxes and empower organizations to navigate the evolving threat landscape, safeguard their reputation, and respond decisively to any security incident,” said Jamie Tolles, VP of Response at ZeroFox. “Incident response is a natural extension of the external cybersecurity services at the core of our intelligence-powered platform, bolstering our abilities to defend against ever-evolving cyber threats.”

ZeroFox, alongside subsidiary IDX, will exhibit these capabilities and existing breach response services at the NetDiligence Cyber Risk Summit in Philadelphia from May 31-June 2, where Tolles will also moderate a panel titled “Staying Ahead of Cyber Threats: The Power of a Threat-Informed Defense Strategy” on May 31 from 3:45 – 4:30 PM ET. Learn more about ZeroFox Incident Response Services and IDX’s Breach Response Services at the IDX booth. 

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ZeroFox (Nasdaq: ZFOX), an enterprise software-as-a-service leader in external cybersecurity, has redefined security outside the corporate perimeter on the internet, where businesses operate, and threat actors thrive. The ZeroFox platform combines advanced AI analytics, digital risk and privacy protection, full-spectrum threat intelligence, and a robust portfolio of breach, incident and takedown response capabilities to expose and disrupt phishing and fraud campaigns, botnet exposures, credential theft, impersonations, data breaches, and physical threats that target your brands, domains, people, and assets. Join thousands of customers, including some of the largest public sector organizations as well as finance, media, technology and retail companies to stay ahead of adversaries and address the entire lifecycle of external cyber risks. ZeroFox and the ZeroFox logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of ZeroFox, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Visit for more information.

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