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The acceleration of digital transformation and a shift to work-from-home have left old security tools and security teams playing catch-up. Building digital trust and reducing risks are essential for enterprises today.

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It's All Around You,

All The Time

In today's digital-first world, almost every business uses publicly available platforms — social media, web sites, collaboration tools and more — to connect with customers. But these same platforms are being weaponized by attackers to wreak havoc on our digital lives, creating a massive, ungoverned public attack surface. Attackers by definition have equal access to impersonate you, spoof your site, siphon revenue, steal private data, phish employees and destroy customer trust. And since legacy security systems aren't built to even check for threats beyond your perimeter, they go overlooked – exposing you and your community to all kinds of cyber attacks, scams and takeovers. Every. Single. Moment.

And The Problem is

Getting Bigger...

As digital experiences accelerate, digital risks are trending higher than ever. In 2020, ZeroFox saw substantial increases in fraud and scams, phishing attempts and credential theft. As threats continue to evolve and intensify, we can no longer stand by and watch. Security teams need the right tools to fight back.

Public Surface Attack Protection
increase in fraud & scams
increase in phishing attacks
increase in sensitive data leakage

Secure Your Public Attack Surface with
Protection and Intelligence

To defeat the new risks of the digital-first world, you need effective and scalable orchestration of machine and human intelligence.
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Leverage advanced AI to analyze voluminous data at scale to rapidly identify and provide actionable alerts for fraudulent activity related to your critical assets—brands, executives, employees, domains and data.


Handle every alert in real-time with advanced automation and a team of threat intelligence experts that is always on watch.


Perform public vulnerability assessments and digital footprinting while expert threat researchers continuously apply new automation rules to stay one step ahead of evolving threats.


Stop harmful activity in its tracks with highly efficient and effective remediation and takedown capabilities across all the major platforms.

Understand Your Digital Threat Landscape

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ZeroFox: Where Artificial Intelligence and Expert Services Meet

ZeroFox provides the expertise, technology, operations efficiency and scale needed to fully protect enterprises against growing digital threats to their public attack surface. Now businesses are free to roam the digital world, improving experiences and driving growth with complete peace of mind.

AI-Powered Platform

Leverage machine learning, OCR and computer vision AI tools to process voluminous data at scale, including threats hidden in images and video.

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Expert Analyst Services

OnWatch™ analysts serve as an extension of your team, reviewing and prioritizing every alert so your internal team can focus on critical threats.

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Rapid Remediation

Go beyond traditional awareness and intelligence tools to dismantle attacker infrastructure and remove malicious content across platforms.

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Detect and Disrupt Digital Threats

Protect every inch of your public attack surface. Whether it's your domains, email, social media, mobile app stores or the deep and dark web, ZeroFox safeguards enterprises from digital threats across all publicly available platforms.

Outsmart threats at every turn. Using diverse data sources, powerful AI and a team of expert threat hunters, ZeroFox automatically identifies targeted phishing attacks, credential compromise, data theft, impersonations, brand hijacking and whatever else the web throws at you.

Stop public attacks in their tracks. ZeroFox instantly alerts security teams and authorities at the first sign of attack and automatically takes swift actions ranging from taking down malicious content, to dismantling attacker infrastructure.

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Brand Protection

Protect your enterprise, reputation and revenue against targeted attacks including phishing, impersonations, fraud and piracy.

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Anti-Phishing Protection

Detect and remove fraud campaigns and phishing attacks targeting your customers or employees through malicious domains, email and social media.

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Account Takeover Protection

Gain early warning and prevent account hijacking that can lead to credential and credit card theft, putting executives and customers at risk.

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