Adversary Disruption

Take down immediate threats and neutralize attacker infrastructure to prevent future attacks.

Stop Fraud at Scale & Speed Time to Disruption

Taking down spoofed domains, fake social media accounts and malicious content is time-consuming, costly and often only delays attackers rather than stopping them. ZeroFox combines the collective intelligence of our Global Disruption Network (GDN) with scalable takedown automation to quickly block active and emerging threats and remove offending content while disabling attack infrastructure. With hundreds of thousands of disruption actions taken every week, ZeroFox eliminates threats before they reach their targets and renders an attacker’s weaponized infrastructure useless.

Remove Malicious Content and Integrate Disruption Feed

Quickly remove spoofed domains, impersonations, phishing kits bot accounts and attacker infrastructure. Seamlessly integrate malicious indicators into your broader workflows and tech stacks.

Leverage a Global Disruption Network

Access the collective intelligence of hundreds of network providers, partners (such as ISPs, DNS, host and cloud providers, link shorteners, CDNs and endpoint security) and ZeroFox customers in the fight to prevent fraud and protect user data.

Take Down External Threats

Quickly block access to malicious content while pursuing takedown prosecution.

Speed Time-to-Disruption

Proactively disable attack infrastructure and offending content to minimize exposure.

Streamline Remediation Workflow

Instantly share indicators with hundreds of provider partners to scale response quickly.

ZeroFox identifies and remediates:

  • Malicious domains
  • Social media impersonations
  • Phishing sites, emails and posts
  • Spoofed and impersonating domains
  • Account takeover
  • Malicious posts and comments
  • Business email compromise
  • Fraud and scams
  • Leaked information
  • And more

ZeroFox automates disruption actions:

  • Blocking via related attack infrastructure (IPs, URLs, DNS, hosts, forward proxies, etc.)
  • Addition to common security block lists (such as Google Safe Browsing)
  • Ingestion of malicious content on endpoint security blacklists
  • Removal of malicious links via top link shorteners
Using ZeroFox is like having insurance in case of an accident. If followers start getting requests from fake profiles or property, I have a tool I can quickly use to solve the problem.
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