Adversary Disruption

Best-in-class automated takedown service that removes fraudulent sites and content, and disrupts global attacker campaigns at scale

Why do I need adversary disruption and takedowns?

Today’s adversaries utilize sophisticated attack infrastructures to quickly deploy large volumes of malicious attacks across multiple surfaces (web, social, mobile apps, etc.) – potentially exposing millions of employees, customers and brands. The criminal underground is becoming increasingly sophisticated at scaling and executing phishing, fraud, and attack campaigns. Pursuing takedowns of this fraudulent content in compliance with legal policies and network terms of service is a top priority, however, this process can be complex, costly, and can take days or even weeks to resolve. You need proven automation that can execute takedowns at scale to stay ahead.

How does ZeroFox Adversary Disruption help?

ZeroFox is committed to reducing the costs and complexity of social and domain takedowns. ZeroFox’s Adversary Disruption provides an industry-leading takedown automation service, a wealth of expertise from threat analysts, and the collective intelligence of our Global Disruption Network (GDN) to quickly share indicators of active and emerging threats, remove the offending content, and block community access to malicious attack infrastructure. With hundreds of thousands of disruption actions taken every week, ZeroFox helps your security team to scale takedown efforts across a wide variety of uses and channels while averting possible future impacts of active attack campaigns.

ZeroFox Adversary Disruption provides highly scalable, effective and resource-saving solutions for security teams.

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Key benefits of adversary disruption

Rely on Comprehensive Disruption

Take down threats and impersonations for virtually every network, target type, global region, and protection use case – ZeroFox does everything possible to process and prosecute takedowns on your behalf without needing to consult multiple sources.

Scale Remediation Efforts

Utilize an industry-leading managed takedown service that identifies, processes, and removes large volumes of active threats across even the smallest and most obscure network providers.

Save time and maximize resources

Leverage streamlined threat takedown workflows, in-platform request automation, and a team of expert disruption analysts who serve as an extension of your team.

Close threat exposure gaps

Avert future attacks by sharing threat indicator data with network providers that can take blocking action to malicious content.

Key features of adversary disruption

Chris Stewart, VP Global Alliances at Exabeam

We are proud to be an active partner in the ZeroFox Global Disruption Network. Using ZeroFox external threat intelligence on malicious IPs and domains helps our customers and connected communities prevent repeat attacks and disruption.

Chris Stewart, VP Global Alliances at Exabeam

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