Don’t just identify threats, disrupt attacker infrastructure to prevent future attacks.

Leverage universal takedowns and disrupt critical attacks at scale

Whether the culprit is a malicious profile or a dangerous post, ZeroFox saves you from the manual, costly and arduous process of finding and taking down unwanted content, working on your behalf to automate the process of packaging and directly reporting it to the source provider for removal. ZeroFox maintains the most effective and broadest takedown capabilities of any security vendor across the entire public attack surface including social media, web, deep, domains and more, saving you time and resources.

Automated remediation to quickly address threats

Automated remediation to quickly address threats

Automatically remove malicious content, comments and posts across social media, collaboration tools and more.

Full transparency every step of the way

Full transparency every step of the way

From initial request through post, account and site removal, quickly check the status of your takedowns to know what threats have been remediated.

Save valuable time & resources

Alleviate time spent on manual and costly processes of identifying and removing malicious content.

Rapidly remediate threats

Identify and quickly take action, such as hiding, blocking and removing risks.

Gain visibility and control

Retain sole ownership of your reputation and presence across the public attack surface.

Comprehensive remediation services to tackle:

  • Malicious domains
  • Social media impersonations
  • Phishing sites, emails and posts
  • Spoofed and impersonating domains
  • Account takeover
  • Malicious posts and comments
  • Business email compromise
  • Fraud and scams
  • Leaked information
  • And more
ZeroFox gives us critical visibility into channels that were previously blind spots for us. The intelligence gained from the ZeroFox Platform helps us prevent the loss of revenue to bad actors online and ultimately protect our customers from scams.
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