ZeroFOX Slack Protection

Protect Employees From Abuse, Threats and Cyber Attacks on Slack

ZeroFOX for Slack

ZeroFOX for Slack protects your internal and external collaboration teams by identifying malicious, inappropriate or confidential content posted in your Slack channels. ZeroFOX for Slack is set up in seconds, identifies attacks and compromising content in real-time, and provides in-line automated remediation with in-channel alerts.

Automate remediation & compliance

With prebuilt rules to identify sensitive information leakage and compliance violations, offending comments and posts can be automatically removed within seconds - ensuring your information is protected and your communications are secure.

Protect your employees and collaboration partners

  • Malicious & inappropriate users
  • Threats & violence
  • Malicious links
  • Discrimination & abusive posts
  • Malware & ransomware
  • Profanity, pornography & inappropriate language
  • Data loss & insider threats
  • Credential theft

ZeroFOX for Slack

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Seamless Setup

Easy, cloud-based deployment ensures you’re up and running with comprehensive Slack security in seconds

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Real-time alerts and auto-remediation

Not only identifies compromising content, it automatically remediates in line and alerts users to issues in the channel as well

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Compliance and information leakage protection

Remove inappropriate posts that include sensitive information or compliance violations

How it Works

Step 1

Add Slack as a protected network within the ZeroFOX Platform. If you're not a ZeroFOX customer, reach out to our sales team to get started.

Step 2

Follow the ZeroFOX for Slack installation instructions to configure access to your Slack channels.

Step 3

In the ZeroFOX Platform, choose defaults or customize your security policies to protect against malicious, inappropriate or confidential content.

Step 4

Protection starts as soon as you add ZeroFOX for Slack to the channels you wish to protect. Leverage both auto-remediation inside Slack and alerts in the ZeroFOX Platform for detailed analysis and historical tracking.

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