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Protect government officials
and data

The challenge for government agencies

Exploiting people to extort sensitive information or gain access to critical systems has never been easier. Targeted cyber attacks now hit any vulnerable individual across the public attack surface, including employees, contractors, and constituents. Public platforms like social media, surface, deep and dark web, as well as internal communication channels like email present new risks - from impersonations and account takeovers of high-profile figures, business email compromise and information leakage on the dark web. Government agencies need modern security solutions to tackle a new era of threats.


Protect employees, constituents and information

ZeroFOX provides government organizations with critical visibility, compliance reporting and automated protection necessary to secure the public attack surface. Using diverse data sources, artificial intelligence-based analysis and automated remediation, the ZeroFOX Platform reduces fraud, takes down spoofed accounts, protects against targeted cyber attacks and identifies non-compliant content.

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Protection for Government Agencies

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Insight into Indicators of Planned Attacks

Gain critical awareness as soon as possible about threats that are planned or have already occurred

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Data Loss and Breach Identification

Identify critical information leakage and the spread of sensitive data and breaches and quickly taking action

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Omnichannel Visibility

Extend visibility beyond the firewall to public platforms like social media, domains, email, deep and dark web

Protect High-Profile Employees and Sensitive Information

See how ZeroFOX protects government agencies against leaked information, impersonations, deepfakes and more.

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