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Phishing and Malware

Stop phishing attacks everywhere

Dismantle phishing campaigns targeting customers and employees

Companies rely on email, social media and other digital communications platforms to run their business. Whether it’s internal employee communications or marketing promotions, ensuring digital safety when engaging is of paramount importance - BEC attacks alone cost companies $26b in losses over a 3 year period. ZeroFOX leverages AI-powered technology to quickly identify and remediate phishing and malware-based attacks using tactics diverse as Business Email Compromise and fake giveaways, across platforms as diverse as Office 365, GSuite, Facebook and Linkedin.


Phishing Protection Where You Engage

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Identify and Dismantle Phishing Campaigns

Don’t just block, takedown the phishing infrastructure being used to target employees and customers

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Protection Where You Engage

Protect your customers inbox and your business integrity, through DMARC and abuse inbox monitoring

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Omnichannel Security

Ensure cross-platform phishing attacks are stopped in their tracks, whether a Linkedin campaign, phishing site or BEC attack

Protect Employees and Customers from Phishing

See how ZeroFOX protects against phishing attacks on email, social media, and other digital platforms.

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Protect Your

Public Attack Surface

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