Strategic Intelligence Advisory

Access analyst-curated reports and finished advisories spanning the cyber threat landscape

Comprehensive, Strategic Finished Intelligence

Finished intelligence is the cornerstone of any proactive cybersecurity program and a fundamental part of the intelligence cycle. Comprehensively protecting and preparing your organization from increasingly complex and demanding external threats requires deep knowledge and understanding of the most relevant threats to your organization.

The Value of Strategic Threat Intelligence

Digital Library of Reports

With dozens of reports per year intended for audiences across multiple levels of an organization, quickly access the most important intelligence to inform your management of various security risks, enable swift operationalization, and optimize strategic-level decision-making.

Global Contextualized Intelligence

Access reports by industry, risk type, actor, attack surface, tools or methods, and more. Quickly gain information into threat actors, campaigns, breaches and cyber news to stay abreast of pressing and emerging threats that may impact your business and industry in order to make strategic decisions.

Three Categories of Strategic Intelligence

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Intelligence for senior management around physical security, compliance, and cybersecurity risks for well-informed decision-making and policy development.

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Context and Correlation

Intelligence focused on adversary TTPs that may indicate future threats or lateral movements across geographies, similar industries, and peer companies.

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Actionable intelligence based on time-sensitive events enabling organizations to make real-time, tactical decisions and increase their situational awareness.

Strategic Intelligence Reports include:

  • Policy and Regulation Report
  • Industry Threats & Risk Report
  • Data Breach Alerts
  • Cyber News Alerts
  • Special Events Analysis
  • Threat Actor Landscape Report
  • Risk & Threat Analysis
  • Daily Threat News


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