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Whether the culprit is a malicious profile or a dangerous post, ZeroFOX saves you from the manual, costly and arduous process of finding and taking down unwanted content, working on your behalf to automate the process of packaging and directly reporting it to the source provider for removal. ZeroFOX maintains the most effective and broadest takedown capabilities of any security vendor across a wide range of data sources including social media, web, deep, domains and more, saving you time and resources.

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Immediate Time-to-Value

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    Save valuable time & resources

    Alleviate time spent on manual and costly processes of identifying and removing malicious content

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    Rapidly remediate threats

    Identify and quickly take action, such as hiding, blocking and removing risks to your brand reputation and customer engagement

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    Gain visibility and control

    Retain sole ownership of your reputation and presence across the widest range of social, mobile, web, domain and other digital channels

ZeroFOX is best for those that want actionable intelligence and rapid remediation. Nick Hayes, Forrester Analyst, Digital Risk Protection New Wave, Q3 ‘18

Thwart Future Attacks with Defensive Domain Registration

For comprehensive protection and remediation, strengthen ZeroFOX Takedown-as-a-ServiceTM with ZeroFOX Domain Registration. Rely on ZeroFOX to register and manage your owned domains. ZeroFOX identifies domains closely associated with your brand, executives and assets that you do not currently own, providing recommended actions. Malicious, spoofed, and impersonating domains can be taken down on your behalf. ZeroFOX alerts you to domains that are not currently active but could cause potential future risk to your organization, working with you to proactively register those domains on your behalf, before a bad actor can.

How It Works

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