ZeroFox for Zoom Support Documentation

Welcome to our support documentation for the ZeroFox for Zoom application. The intent of this document is to answer common questions on how to use the ZeroFox for Zoom app to identify meetings that don’t meet your organization’s best practice configurations.


  • Please note that the ZeroFox for Zoom app is only available to Zoom administrators, or individual accounts, not to all Zoom end users.
  • In order to install the ZeroFox for Zoom application, you must be a user of the ZeroFox platform. If you do not yet have a ZeroFox Platform account, please contact us at and we can set you up with a free trial for Zoom and for Slack.
  • You can install the ZeroFox for Zoom application through your ZeroFox Platform instance at If you are a new user you will receive an email to the account address you specify allowing you to set up your account and directing you to the login page. Note that ZeroFox staff are available to help users with their initial setup.

In order to enable Zoom protection, you need to follow the steps described below.

Adding Zoom Accounts

1. Log into using your username and password

2. From the top navigation bar, select Assets. The Assets homepage displays.

3. Click the row in the Assets table corresponding to your asset, or click the Create New Asset Group button.

a. If you clicked the Create New Asset Group button, the New Asset modal displays. Enter your Asset's name and click Save.

4. Click the Accounts & Pages section of the Edit Asset page on the left-hand side.

5. In the Account & Pages section, click the Zoom card at the bottom.

6. The Zoom login screen displays as seen below. You will need to sign into Zoom with your Zoom credentials or via SSO for your company's Zoom account. Make sure to review the requested permissions and hit accept when you’re ready.

7. After logging into Zoom, the Zoom account is added as a Protected Account to your Asset, as shown below.

8. With those steps, the app should be installed!

Uninstalling ZeroFox for Zoom

  1. From the top navigation, select the Assets tab.The Assets homepage displays. 
  2. Select the Zoom asset from above in the Assets table. 
  3. The Edit Asset page displays.
  4. Click on the three dots in the bottom right to expand the menu.
  5. Click on the Remove account option.

Deauthorizing the ZeroFox for Zoom app from your asset page in the ZeroFox platform as described above, or by doing so from Zoom directly will delete all requested data from your ZeroFox platform instance.


Adding Zoom to the ZeroFox Platform enables you to get alerts and automatically remediate content using the Alerts page. ZeroFox can detect meetings that do not meet security best practices. These best practices include:

  • Requiring meeting passwords.
  • Ensuring users cannot join before the host.
  • Confirming the host has waiting rooms enabled which allows selective admittance.

Meetings without these configurations are much more likely to be joined by unwanted parties.

  • Setting this up requires the Remote Workforce policy to be applied for your assets, which will be the default if you subscribe to this service. 
  • By default, it will trigger based if meetings have any of the following settings:
    • Password not required for meeting
    • Waiting rooms not enabled
    • Participants able to join before host
    • If you wish to customize the configuration, you may do so reaching out to [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to help you customize the settings the platform checks for.
  • The Alerts page will list your alerts for meetings that don’t meet best practices and require follow-up. Each alert shows the email address for the operator of the meeting, when it’s scheduled for, the meeting agenda, and details on the meeting settings. You can email these alerts to someone at your organization to follow up, or contact the operator via email separately.

Contact Support


  • I don’t see any notifications on the Alerts page? Why is that?
    • Make sure your account is authenticated in your asset
    • If you have set up your Zoom meetings to follow best practices, you may not see any alerts. That’s a good thing! We’ll only notify you if something shows up that doesn’t match our recommendations.
  • What if I want to look for other compliance issues in Zoom?
    • ZeroFox is in the process of building out other capabilities to leverage our existing compliance protection suite to identify violations of both Financial Services and Healthcare-related regulations.