ZeroFox Support Terms (“SLA”)

Effective November 22, 2022

1. Scope

This SLA supplements and forms part of the Master Customer Agreement (the “MCA”), and associated written Order(s), between ZeroFox, and You.  In the event of any conflict between the provisions of this SLA and the MCA, the applicable provision of the MCA shall control.  Capitalized terms used, but not defined hereunder, have the meaning assigned to them in the MCA.

2. Background

As described in this SLA, ZeroFox makes certain support and managed security services available for its customers that have purchased Subscriptions to ZeroFox’s Platform.

3. Contact Support

You are eligible for an initial consultation with the ZeroFox launch team, account setup assistance and ongoing assistance configuring the Platform.  In addition to access to self-help resources, You can request support online (ask, by phone (1-855-ZFOXSPT) and by email ([email protected]).  ZeroFox OnWatch™ will be provided 24 x 7 x 365.

4. Support Classification

ZeroFox classifies support requests according to the following priority levels:

(a) P1: The Platform is totally or substantially disrupted, or a broad class of Authorized Users are deprived of essential features or functions of the Platform.

(b) P2: One or more of the Platform’s key features are partially or moderately disrupted, or a small class of Authorized Users are materially impacted from utilizing one or more key features of the Platform.

(c) P3: Any other case where the Platform is not operating in accordance with the Documentation or the MCA.

(d) P4: Requests for new features or functionality with respect to the Platform.

4.2 Although response and resolution times are not guaranteed, ZeroFox endeavors to handle support requests as follows:

PriorityInitial response and acknowledgmentTarget fix or workaround dateZeroFox-internal escalationEmail status updates to Customer
P14 hours1 business dayManager / VP: ImmediatelyEvery 8 hours
P28 hours2 business daysManager: 1 business day / VP: 2 business daysDaily
P32 business days5 business daysVP Product Management reviews bugs weeklyWeekly
P42 business daysAt ZeroFox discretionVP Product Management reviews feature requests weeklyNone

5. Platform Availability

ZeroFox commits to make the Platform Available, as measured by ZeroFox over the course of each calendar month during the term of an Order, at least 99.0% of the time, exclusive of any time the Platform is not Available as a result of one or more Availability Exceptions (the “Availability Requirement”).  “Available” means the Platform is available for access and use by Customer and its Authorized Users over the internet.

6. Availability Exceptions

As used in this SLA, the term “Availability Exceptions” means: (a) Use of the Platform other than in accordance with the Agreement, Order(s) and or Documentation by You or Authorized Users’; (b) failures of a Customer’s or Its Authorized Users’ hardware, systems, connectivity or software; and (c) downtime for scheduled maintenance between the hours of 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM Eastern Time on any Saturday-to-Sunday or for emergency maintenance.  ZeroFox will provide notice to You of any scheduled maintenance expected to last more than two hours at least seven days in advance and will use reasonable efforts to notify ZeroFox customers at least 24 hours in advance of emergency maintenance.  Notifications under this section may be provided through the Platform or by email to Authorized Users.

7. Service Credits

If the Availability of the Platform is less than the Availability Requirement for a covered calendar month, subject to this Section 7, You will be eligible to receive a service credit of 5% of the fees paid to ZeroFox for the Platform Subscription that is attributable to such month (calculated on a pro-rated basis with respect to fees paid in advance) (“Credit”).  You must submit any claim for a Credit using the contact information in Section 3 within five business days from the end of the month in which the Availability Requirement was not met to be applied at the upcoming Renewal Term.  Credits have no monetary or cash value, are not transferable, and can only be used to offset subsequent payments of fees for Subscription Services.  Credits will expire, and no longer be redeemable after the Renewal Term nearest to the date the Credits were issued has commenced.

8. Termination

If the Availability of the Platform is less than the Availability Requirement in any three consecutive months, or three months in any rolling 12-month period, You may terminate the applicable Platform Subscription by providing written notice to ZeroFox.  In the event of such termination, any Credits will expire and in accordance with the MCA, ZeroFox will refund a pro rata share of any unused prepaid amounts prepaid under the applicable Order for the Platform Subscription on the basis of the remaining portion of the current Subscription term.

9. Expectations

You agree to provide ZeroFox with reasonable information and assistance to facilitate ZeroFox’s performance of any services under this Addendum.