Threat Intelligence Feeds

Unique ZeroFox Threat Intelligence, delivered to your platform of choice.

Stay one step ahead of the attacker

Improve the signal-to-noise ratio with ZeroFox’s Threat Intelligence Feeds, adding exclusive context to expedite decision making and automate protection.



Extensive data sets deliver all the relevant intelligence to the security team for deep analysis, from unique historical data to the latest dark web research from our embedded operatives.



Proprietary intelligence feeds provide unparalleled visibility into malicious infrastructure and exploits to illuminate attacks before they’re launched and prioritize security response.



Direct machine-to-machine access to raw and regularly updated ZeroFox intelligence delivers easy-to-consume threat data, speeding decisions and automating mitigation when every second counts.

Purpose-built Intelligence Feeds to Defend Against Real-World Threats

How it Works

Each day, billions of pieces of raw intelligence from social media sites, mobile app stores, code shares, and forums (to name a few) are continually analyzed by our platform. Our experts then validate findings and group this intelligence into actionable, context-driven data feeds to enable automated protection from threats, saving you time and resources.

Indicators of Compromise IDENTITY & FRAUD NETWORK & VULNERABILITY COVERT COMMUNICATIONS Firewall/Proxy Server IAM/SSO SIEM/SOAR TIP COLLECT We collect data from millions of Surface, Deep & Dark Web content sources including covert communi - cation channels ENRICH We then analyze the data, enrich with added context, and group relevant feeds together into purpose-built intelligence packages INFORM Integrate with security tools and query for IOCs to correlate with threat alerts, identify PII exposures, or understand critical vulnerability exploits BotNet-Infected IPs Malicious Email Addresses Malicious Phone Numbers C2 Domains IP Exposure Company Executives Domains 3rd Party Vendors Covert Communications Mentions of:

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