Decision Advantage: 2022 ZeroFox Intelligence Forecast

Decision Advantage: 2022 ZeroFox Intelligence Forecast
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Intelligence forecasting hasn’t been broadly adopted in the private sector. Although there are several contributing factors, the fact that inevitably we’re all going to get something wrong deters experts from investing the time and resources into the process. But forecasting isn’t about getting everything 100% correct (and anyone who promises they can should be scrutinized with a critical eye). Forecasting is about probability and emerging patterns. In threat intelligence, our observations and assessments inform our recommendations to mitigate risk and uncertainty.

With that in mind, I’m so proud of the ZeroFox Intelligence team and our inaugural Threat Intelligence Forecast report. In it, we have provided our 2021 observations and assessments regarding the threats we anticipate will be most relevant for business over the next 12 months. Spoiler alert! Ransomware isn’t going anywhere.

Our team reflected on a number of threats from 2021 — including (but not limited to) ransomware, phishing- and malware-as-a-service, and cryptocurrency scams — to identify trends and patterns that are likely to influence the tools, criminal services, and tactics threat actors will deploy. Our report examines these topics in-depth and includes our recommendations for security and risk pros to help strategically defend against malicious threat actors. We don’t want to arm you to combat last year’s threats. Our purpose is to provide forward-looking assessments and insights that bolster your 2022 security strategy. 

Six months ago, our talented threat expertise operated independently as we developed our organizational intelligence strategy. In this short time, ZeroFox Intelligence has integrated into a collaborative intelligence team with a diverse set of data, tools, and people. Together, we’re here to answer our customers’ intelligence requirements to protect their people, brands, and data. I’m increasingly excited about how we’re growing and where we’re going. So if you want to disrupt threat actors at scale, check out our open positions.

TL;DR? ZeroFox Intelligence developed this 2022 forecast report to provide you with a decision advantage over the adversary. We’d like to hear from you to make sure we’re delivering what you need to take meaningful actions that protects your organization. Please share your thoughts in our four-question survey after checking out the report.

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