Feature Spotlight: 5 Reasons to Check Out the New ZeroFox Dashboard

Feature Spotlight: 5 Reasons to Check Out the New ZeroFox Dashboard
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The ZeroFox dashboard is a powerful tool to understand your social and digital risk...and it’s now better than ever! We recently released a newly re-designed dashboard to address some of our customers’ requests and to improve the overall experience.

Need a reason to check out the new dashboard? Here are 5:

Drill into key trends

Because ZeroFox covers so many social and digital platforms, we’ve added new graphs to provide a consolidated view of  spikes in threats and trends related to your organization. With the previous dashboard, we have seen customers identify major incidents like new fraud campaigns by watching these graphs. The new dashboard builds on the value of these graphs by including clearer breakdowns of alerts across categories like Network, Entity, Rule, and Risk Rating, and by allowing you to click on each bar to dig into trends.

For example,  if the graph shows that one of your products has had a much higher volume of alerts than normal over the past hour, you can now click on that segment and immediately see the corresponding alerts on the Alerts Page to find out what caused the spike.

Track your organization’s overall health

With the high volume of threats ZeroFox identifies, we’ve found customers wondering,  “Am I doing a good job?” or “How do I know if my organization is falling behind?”

We’ve made things a little easier by summarizing organizational health in a new section in the top left of the dashboard page. You can now easily see if you have unactioned alerts within the platform and what their severity is, so you can prioritize what to respond to. It’s tough to address everything, but we recommend responding quickly to Critical and High Severity alerts in order to make sure no serious threats to your organization go unaddressed.

Stay on top of threats in real time

It can be tough to constantly log into different systems and check for updates. With ZeroFox’s new dashboard SOC mode you can set the dashboard up on a screen or monitor and let the updates come to you in real time. New High and Critical alerts will automatically flow into the Health section of the dashboard and new trends will show up in real time in the different dashboard graphs.

See the BIG picture...or what you may be missing

As ZeroFox continues to rapidly expand coverage of social and digital channels, we want to ensure our customers are aware of everything we are monitoring for them. The new data source tabs summarize your alerts in high-level data source categories to show where you are covered and what your threat level is across those sources.

Not taking advantage of all of the new data source categories yet? With one click you can go to our data sources page to find out more about each offering and request to have new networks enabled.

Learn about today’s top cyber threats

The new Alpha Team Research section highlights the most recent insights, news, and recommendations that ZeroFox has found affecting our customers. By clicking Read More, you can now see the latest threats, scams, vulnerabilities, actors, and campaigns across the entire social media and digital landscape.

We Want to Hear from You

Customer feedback is a critical part of our process, so we’ll be continuing to add more functionality and please let us know your feedback.

Learn More

Customers can view our user guide to learn more about the Dashboard or any part of the ZeroFox platform, including an overview video of these features and more!

Not using ZeroFox yet? Click here to set up a demo.

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