New ZeroFox PSI Mobile App Empowers Corporate Security Teams to Keep Executives Safe On-the-Go

New ZeroFox PSI Mobile App Empowers Corporate Security Teams to Keep Executives Safe On-the-Go
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Welcome back to our three-part series on the evolution of corporate security from the cybersecurity experts at ZeroFox. Throughout the series, you'll learn how corporate security has evolved over the decades to better understand the importance of a unified approach to digital and physical security. This edition will focus on ZeroFox's newest solution for executive protection, the PSI Mobile App, and how you can leverage this technology to keep executives safe on-the-go.

Protecting Executives from Emerging Physical Threats

In today's dynamic and often unpredictable global landscape, corporate security teams face the ever-increasing challenge of protecting their organizations' key executives and organizational assets from emerging physical threats. From acts of violence and planned protests, to emergency response situations and travel advisories, these threats can severely impact the physical safety of key executives and disrupt critical business operations. 

According to OnSolve’s 2024 Global Risk Impact Report, natural disasters, cyberattacks, and geopolitical conflicts are becoming more frequent and severe, necessitating a more dynamic approach to physical risk management. In fact, 99% of executives and 100% of U.S. government leaders said their organization or agency experienced a physical threat in the last 24 months.

Three primary factors driving this increased risk include:

  • Severity of Events: In 2023 alone, there were 28 billion-dollar natural disasters in the U.S. and 66 globally–both record numbers. 
  • Data Proliferation: The sheer volume of global data is expected to grow to over 180 zettabytes by 2025. This increase presents a significant challenge for security and intelligence analysts who must sift through vast amounts of information to identify relevant threats in near real-time.
  • Global Interconnectivity: Despite geopolitical tensions, the world remains highly interconnected, meaning that risks can have widespread ripple effects. Globalization affects the flow of trade, capital, information, and people–thereby amplifying the impact of localized events.

Real-time situational awareness is crucial for making informed decisions during an unfolding physical security incident. Organizations must have dynamic technology that can aggregate data from various sources, analyze it quickly, and present it in a way that security practitioners can understand and act upon immediately. As corporate security teams are often pulled in many directions–conducting site assessments, traveling with executives, and conducting business outside of operation centers–solutions that are tethered to an office can hinder their ability toidentify these threats and respond to them rapidly. This delay in information can cause significant damage to assets, operations, and most importantly, people. 

Introducing the ZeroFox PSI Mobile App

The ZeroFox PSI mobile app is built to address the unique needs of corporate security analysts who spend a significant amount of time in the field. Whether they are traveling with executives or conducting security assessments at global offices, these professionals require a tool that is as dynamic and mobile as they are. Traditional security solutions, being largely web-based, often fall short in providing the flexibility needed to operate effectively on-the-go. The ZeroFox PSI mobile app bridges this gap by delivering critical physical security intelligence directly to mobile devices, enabling rapid and informed decision-making from any location in the world.

Key Features of the ZeroFox PSI Mobile App

Continuous Threat Monitoring

Leveraging advanced AI technology, the ZeroFox PSI mobile app scours social media and the web to collect extensive intelligence on imminent or emerging physical threats. This continuous monitoring ensures that corporate security teams are always informed about potential threats, allowing them to stay ahead of emerging risks.

Real-Time Location Sharing and Alerts

The ZeroFox PSI mobile app tracks global threats in proximity to mobile devices and provides real-time alerts via push notifications sent directly to the mobile device. This feature is crucial for quickly identifying and responding to threats, particularly when executives or key personnel are traveling to high-risk locations, like large or international conferences.

Interactive Geovisualization

The ZeroFox PSI mobile app offers rich global mapping capabilities that allow corporate security teams to visualize and categorize threats by incident type, location, and time. This geovisualization helps teams quickly identify patterns and potential risks, enhancing their ability to respond effectively.

Rapid Collaboration and Information Sharing

The ZeroFox PSI mobile app enables seamless communication within the security team and with key stakeholders. Critical alert information can be shared across security teams natively from the application (via text message and email), ensuring that everyone involved is informed and can coordinate their response efforts swiftly.

Analyst-Vetted Intelligence

The ZeroFox PSI mobile app is supported by ZeroFox's 24x7x365 in-house team of physical security analysts. These experts vet the collected intelligence, reducing false positives and ensuring alerts received are accurate and actionable.

Benefits to Corporate Security Teams

The ZeroFox PSI mobile app enhances corporate teams’ ability to protect executives and critical assets effectively, resulting in:

Unmatched Situational Awareness

With continuous monitoring and real-time alerts, security teams have a comprehensive view of the threat landscape, allowing them to stay informed about potential risks around the clock.

Enhanced In-Field Mobility and Flexibility

Designed specifically for on-the-go use, the ZeroFox PSI mobile app ensures that security practitioners can operate effectively from any location, whether they are traveling with executives or conducting field assessments.

Cost-Efficient Solution

The ZeroFox PSI mobile app is available to current ZeroFox PSI customers with geovisualization licenses at no additional cost, providing a cost-efficient solution that does not compromise on capabilities or coverage.

Proactive Threat Response

By delivering analyst-vetted alerts and leveraging AI-driven technology, the ZeroFox PSI mobile app empowers corporate security teams to respond proactively to threats, minimizing the risk of harm to executives and disruption to business operations.

Case in Point: RSAC in San Francisco

So, how does the ZeroFox PSI mobile app work in a real-world scenario? Let’s say Company A’s CMO is attending the RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA (a high-profile event that attracts thousands of participants, making it a potential target for various security threats) and a corporate security analyst is accompanying the executive. 

En route to their lodging in San Francisco, Company A’s corporate security analyst can, first, leverage the ZeroFox PSI mobile app to get instant situational awareness of the area for imminent or emerging physical threats via a list form or map view.

With the ZeroFox PSI mobile app’s rich geovisualization capabilities, analysts can pinpoint the exact location of incidents–with additional incident context and validation provided by ZeroFox’s in-house physical security analysts–and can have peace of mind that the information is accurate, timely, and actionable. 

Next, as Company A’s CMO attends the conference at the Moscone Center, as well as business meetings around the area, the ZeroFox PSI mobile app’s “Scout Mode” can be leveraged to follow the location of the mobile device and alert the corporate security analyst via a push notification if a physical threat emerges in proximity to the mobile device, negating the need to manually check each separate location. 

Scout Mode offers convenient customization of the mobile device’s location sharing duration (e.g., how long the location should be shared), the radius of the area covered (e.g., if the CMO travels outside San Francisco to surrounding areas post-conference), as well as an option to customize the time since the incident was discovered (e.g., if analysts only want to receive alerts for incidents discovered within the last hour, they can do so). 

Bridging the Gap from Desk to Field

With the addition of the ZeroFox PSI mobile app, ZeroFox is bridging the gap between SOC-ready physical security preparedness and field-ready physical security preparedness. The ZeroFox PSI mobile app offers all the same value of our existing PSI offering, with the addition of mobile-centric features to ensure corporate security teams are armed with situational awareness no matter where they’re at in the world. Our proactive mobile approach not only enhances the safety of human assets, but also ensures that business operations can continue smoothly without disruption. 

Visit our physical security intelligence page to learn more about how to download the ZeroFox PSI mobile app on the Apple and Google App stores. 

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