Protect While You Promote: How to Maintain Brand Reputation on Social Media [Video]

ZeroFox Co-founder and VP of Channel Partners, Evan Blair sat down with Jeremy Wood, VP of Product Marketing at Hootsuite to discuss how social media impacts brand reputation, from engaging with prospects and customers to employee ambassadors (whether they intended to be ambassadors or not!), and the steps organizations of all sizes can take to increase social media engagement while keeping their brand reputation secure.

For marketing teams of all sizes, social media is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity for increasing overall brand reputation and awareness. In their conversation, Evan and Jeremy discuss the increased demand for social media they’ve witnessed over time. In the last ten years, we’ve seen an increase in dedicated resources in the form of headcount, technology and funds, put towards social media. As the platforms for engagement and windows of opportunity have expanded, so have the risks on these platforms.

Social media can be incredibly influential when it comes to brand reputation. And who better than your own employees to serve as brand ambassadors. In this video, Evan and Jeremy begin by discussing the promoters you may not realize you have: your own people. Employee accounts, even if not directly tied to your company, have the ability to define the message and reputation of your brand. For marketing teams, this can be a great: engaged employees help spread awareness and can help with internal efforts such as recruiting. Unfortunately, bad actors also recognize the impact your employees can have, serving as a key access point to your company information, customer base, and overall brand identity and therefore often target them directly as a way of targeting your company at large.

From customer reviews to employee engagement, social media provides many outlets to help establish and fortify your brand. But a single slip on social, whether that is a hacked account posting obscene messages or impersonated customer support representatives serving malware to your customers, can be dire. Once trust is broken, it can be extremely difficult to rebuild. In the video, Evan and Jeremy discuss how situations like these affect businesses of all sizes, from large banks at risk of financial information leakages to small local shops having their only accounts taken over and content deleted. With the importance of social media marketing as well as the risks it presents increasing, it’s more important than ever to have a plan in place and tools on hand to not only increase engagement but protect that investment.

Jeremy and Evan agree that organizations should not have to choose between promotion and protection on social media. That’s why ZeroFox and Hootsuite have partnered together to provide a comprehensive solution for marketing teams to post, promote and engage with the confidence that their social media presence is secure and protected. Hootsuite provides the tools your marketing team needs to promote and publish content across social media channels to help drive engagement and brand awareness. ZeroFox’s monitoring and security tools provide a layer of protection to ensure your pages, posts, and products are secure. Together, they provide the most comprehensive coverage on the market today.

Check out the full video to hear key ways you can increase engagement while protecting your brand’s reputation, why staying off social media won’t keep you safe, and much more. See how ZeroFox protects brands in action, request a demo.