ZeroFox and ForgeRock: Monitoring Malicious Social Media Authentications

Over the last 30 years, hackers have always found new frontiers to execute cyber attacks. It was inevitable that these avenues would be exploited, starting with traditional network infrastructure and spreading to email and the web. Today, the adversary is increasingly turning to social media as the latest and greatest vehicle for attack, due to its scale, volume and trusted nature.

Social media accounts are becoming the de facto means to authenticate yourself online – “Log in with Facebook” or “Log in with Twitter” functionalities make social media authentications your passport to the internet. That’s why ZeroFox and ForgeRock are proud to announce the integration of ForgeRock Identity Platform™ with ZeroFox ® Continuous Identity Protection (CIP). As social media cyber attacks increase, it’s crucial to have real-time attack detection in place to bolster identity and access management platforms.

This partnership enhances identity and access management by leveraging threat indicators found on social media to help spot malicious actors attempting to authenticate themselves online. These threats have been virtually invisible to information security teams in the past, preventing access to a vast landscape of malicious activity that puts customers and enterprises at risk.

On Twitter alone, there are 1 billion users posting 500 million tweets a day, sometimes embedding not only spam, but malware and phishing URLs looking to gather user’s credentials without their knowledge. With the integration of ZeroFox CIP and ForgeRock Identity Platform™, new intelligence can be gathered about these attacks, and access can be locked down when there is a heightened risk of malicious actor.

Leveraging the ZeroFox integration, ForgeRock users can identify the authenticity of users interacting with their enterprise. ZeroFox profile analysis capabilities can help avoid fake accounts trying to slander companies or customers, disrupt customer support operations, access sensitive private data or disseminate malicious links.

These indicators of risk equip organizations with better decision making data and prevent malicious activity against their infrastructure, employees and customers. Business processes, brand engagement and customer interactions continue with unparalleled protection.

When it comes to your online identity, social accounts now represent your ID, passport and birth certificate all wrapped into one. Don’t let fraudulent or compromised accounts slip past your digital bouncers.