Make This Sunday Super – Don’t Fall for These Super Bowl Scams

Make This Sunday Super – Don’t Fall for These Super Bowl Scams
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This Sunday, many of us will be sitting down with friends and family to enjoy a great American pastime, check out the best commercials, and enjoy some guacamole. But as you’re celebrating, don’t be fooled by some of the most common scams around Super Bowl Sunday.

Don't Bet On It

Although you may be sure that your favorite team will win, you might want to pause before putting some money down on a bet. One potential new area for online scams is in sports betting: the ZeroFox platform found several instances this week of advertisements to place online sports bets and discussions about online betting for the Super Bowl.

Although sports betting, including online betting, has become legal in some states over the past year, it may not be legal or accessible for you depending on where you live. Only a handful of states have legalized this type of betting, and not all of them offer the ability to bet online. The ones that do may restrict even online betting to those physically within state boundaries. If you do decide to partake, be sure to check if your state allows you to bet online, and look to make sure the website or app you’re using is reputable.

Also be careful of advertisements promising unrealistic outcomes, such as winning every time. After all, the way that people make money during betting is unfortunately because some others lose. Overly optimistic guarantees may be a sign that the site or app you’re using are not reputable.

Buyer Beware

Are you one of the lucky ones going to the big game--or wish you were going? If you’re looking for last-minute tickets, don’t be fooled by people selling them on social media and elsewhere online. You can buy tickets through sellers and brokers, but be careful what you’re buying. Not only could you be buying tickets from a scalper--someone who isn’t authorized to sell tickets--you might not even be getting real tickets! Sellers may offer tickets that either are fake, created falsely online, or they could be reselling tickets that someone else is already planning on using. You could get to the gate and be out of luck! It’s also a good idea to never post pictures on social media or elsewhere of your tickets to events like the Super Bowl, because people could use those photos or the ticket number to create fake tickets.

A Room with a View

If you are lucky enough to be going, you might still be looking for a place to stay in Atlanta. As we get closer to game day, be aware of potential scammers looking to sell you fake hotel rooms, or ticket package deals including a room. The safest way to guarantee a good room is to book through the hotels themselves, or to book through a legitimate third party travel agent. Any reservationist should provide you a confirmation number that you can verify with the hotel you’re staying at. Be cautious of bookers that won’t provide you confirmation details or where you’re actually staying until the day you arrive. It’s no fun to go to the game if you don’t have a bed to crash on!

The Game Day Goods

Looking to pick up a jersey from the winning team? Don’t be tempted by cheap prices! Especially for the winning team after the Super Bowl, those jerseys are unfortunately bound to be expensive. If you see prices that are too good to be true, they probably are. The ZeroFox platform found nearly 500 advertisements on marketplaces for Super Bowl-related merchandise in only a few days, many of them providing little information on where the goods came from--meaning at least some of the ads are likely offering counterfeit goods. When purchasing merchandise from third-party sellers, check for signs that the goods may be fake, such as lots of reviews suggesting as such, obvious mistakes on jerseys or other products, or poor quality photos.


We hope you enjoy a great Super Bowl Sunday rooting for your favorite team and avoiding any potential fraudsters trying to trick you! Watch out for those offering great deals on things like tickets, places to stay, or that cool jersey you’ve been eyeing - be sure to take extra steps to verify that you’re getting what you’re paying for. And if you do decide to place a wager, check the relevant state laws to make sure you’re in the clear. For those vendors supporting this exciting event, the ZeroFox platform can help protect your tickets, hotel rooms, and sports merchandise by detecting fraudsters impersonating your brand or selling counterfeit goods. Enjoy the game!

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