You’re Paying Too Much For Brand Protection

You’re paying too much for Brand Protection.

Let me start off by saying that it is not your fault. Outdated Brand Protection techniques using human analysts hiding behind technology have run rampant. Until now there have been no viable alternatives and vendors squeeze every penny from their customers during contract negotiations.

ZeroFox does Brand Protection differently. Unlike other firms who have been attempting to tackle this problem for nearly a decade through manual, non-scalable methods, ZeroFox has built a scalable, 100% software security solution from the ground up.

Marc Andreessen wrote an essay in 2011 that described how software is eating the world. Innovation and new technology can reinvent entire outdated industries over night. With technological innovation, inefficiencies are wiped out and costs plummet. Over a ten-year period leading up to the current all-cloud-everything model, the cost of cloud-enabled technology went down by a magnitude of 100. What cost you $10,000 a decade ago may only cost you $100 today.

ZeroFox has been recognized as a Leader in the Digital Risk Protection industry and now we intend to hold another industry accountable: Brand Protection. Effective immediately, we are publishing our pricing for ZeroFox Brand Protection, starting at $500/month. Our cost includes world-class service, unlimited training and free setup.

The reason we can do it for so much cheaper (and be transparent about it) is that our cloud-based, SaaS security technology fundamentally changes how businesses protect their brands online. We are providing true automation powered by patented machine learning, meaning our costs are orders of magnitude less than the older, manually-intensive vendors… and our resulting data is better too. We are pricing our offering below the rest for one simple reason: we can. We are telling you exactly what it costs, ensuring you won’t get stuck in the price contract he-said-she-said that has been the bane of the vendor procurement cycle for years.

At ZeroFox, we are incredibly proud of the work we do for our customers around the globe and we are 100% confident there’s no better security technology, no better approach and no better partner when it comes to protecting modern businesses. As a SaaS security platform, deployment is instantaneous and our value add is immediate.

We intend to lead the Brand Protection industry through innovation, transparency and continued dedication to absolute customer success. 50 years ago, owning a computer was a luxury for only well-funded businesses and universities. Now computers 1000x more powerful fit in your pocket. In a few years you’ll be able to get a few extra minutes of sleep as your autonomous vehicle drives you to work. ZeroFox is contributing powerful, automated, cost-effective Brand Protection to this culture of innovation. Now every business — big, small, well-funded or not — can afford best-of-breed Brand Protection.

We would be honored to show you why our customers love us.

James C. Foster
ZeroFox CEO