ZeroFox Enhances Physical Security Intelligence with Rich Geovisualization for Global Threat Visibility

ZeroFox Enhances Physical Security Intelligence with Rich Geovisualization for Global Threat Visibility
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It’s not just you. 9 out of 10 business and security leaders report a rise in physical security threats over the last year. From natural disasters, to civil disruption, to acts of violence, physical security incidents can have significant impacts on unprepared businesses– including tragic loss of life, operational downtime, revenue loss, customer dissatisfaction, reputational damage, and more. It’s getting harder to keep organizations safe.

While physical security incidents are dynamic in nature, they often leave a digital trail, often only moments after the incident. This creates a new opportunity to get ahead of the threats: connecting seemingly disparate events to realize patterns, analyzing the threat profile of locations, and crafting various response scenarios. And in the event of an incident, accurate and fast intelligence can make the difference in forming an effective real-time response. However, there are millions of pieces of content created every minute of the day across thousands of platforms, channels, and dark web forums. On their own, professionals don’t have the resources to sift through it all.

Fortunately, there is a solution. ZeroFox launched our Physical Security Intelligence (PSI) solution to harness AI-driven technology and expert human analysis to monitor millions of data points across thousands of platforms on the surface, deep, and dark web – providing visibility of real-world threats that would be out-of-reach for corporate security teams attempting to track threats manually. 

And with the latest advancements to ZeroFox PSI, we’re making powerful mapping capabilities available to security teams to build a holistic picture of physical risk to their organizations. With these new features, organizations will have even greater visibility into threats, allowing them to research, track, and assess physical risks to their facilities, and most importantly, their people.

What’s New With ZeroFox PSI

New PSI enhancements available now include:

  • Advanced geovisualization of incidents - security teams can easily search for and visualize global physical security incidents in proximity to their protected locations and assets on a new, interactive map. This makes it easier to spot threats to critical assets, identify clusters or patterns of activity, rapidly notify the right people, and take action faster when it’s most critical.
  • Granular threat research - security teams can filter and search across the global map by incident type (public safety incidents, scheduled events, minor incidents, planned protests, and power outages), by specific keywords (such as “shootings” or “officers involved”), by location (by country, state, city, or geopolitical boundary), and by time (from the last hour up to 90 days). Teams can also share their findings and research externally via email, as well as view the original content source directly from the incident cards on the map.

    This historical and current threat intelligence research empowers security teams to learn from the past to better assess future risks to their critical assets, anticipate future threats, and implement proactive measures to safeguard their organization. Additionally, external sharing capabilities promote more proactive and more resilient security strategies across the broader digital and physical security communities.
  • Geopolitical intelligence - security analysts can access and share unique ZeroFox geopolitical intelligence from the global map for detailed analysis of activity affecting selected locations, with additional analyst context and enrichment. 

    This short-form intelligence provides broader context of the tactics, techniques, procedures, and motivations of threat actors, including nation-states and hacktivist groups. Understanding geopolitical context helps security teams adapt to global developments by influencing strategic decisions, investments, partnerships, and long-term planning. Additionally, geopolitical intelligence helps security teams assess travel risks, political stability, health concerns, and other factors that may impact employees or executives who travel internationally often.  

Why ZeroFox PSI?

With ZeroFox PSI, corporate security teams receive:

  • Unified visibility of threats - ZeroFox collects petabytes of threat data across the surface, deep, and dark web for unparalleled cyber and physical threat visibility
  • 24x7x365 critical asset protection - ZeroFox helps protect more than 46,000 locations annually in 152+ countries
  • Global situational awareness - ZeroFox analysts author 900+ unique geopolitical intelligence reports quarterly for 127+ countries
  • Risk reduction - ZeroFox vets and issues more than 180,000 physical security alerts yearly 

Extensive language support - ZeroFox PSI provides automated alert translation into 100+ languages

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