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Take Action on Critical Threats and Access the Latest Threat Intelligence from the ZeroFOX Mobile App

Security professionals know that threats to infrastructure, executives, brands and physical assets happen at all hours of the day. To help keep them informed, ZeroFOX has developed the ZeroFOX Mobile App. Available on iOS and Android, the ZeroFOX Mobile App is the always-on solution for viewing alerts, remediating threats and staying up to date on the latest industry news.

Review and prioritize alerts 

The ZeroFOX app delivers detailed alerts directly to your phone. Easily set up push notifications so you are notified immediately of a critical risk. From within the app, users can access alerts and take action to remediate potential threats. Each alert contains details around the offending content, perpetrator, risk rating and use case. Easily review each alert and take action where necessary, including hiding/blocking/deleting offensive content and reporting offending profiles for takedown.

Choose how to be notified

ZeroFOX alerts are available directly in the mobile app and can be configured to display push notifications right on a device’s home screen. Using the policies page, individuals can configure exactly which type of alerts they want to trigger push notifications. The second that alert triggers the notification on your phone will direct you to the detailed in-app alert view.

Take action on critical threats

The alert view provides the critical information security professionals need to make on-the-go decisions, allowing them to take action. This includes requesting content be removed, assigning alerts to the appropriate team member and a host of other remediation actions.

From within the individual alert, simply select request takedown as you would on the desktop view. Don’t wait until you’re back in the office to address critical threats. 

Review the latest content from the ZeroFOX Alpha Team directly from the mobile app

The ZeroFOX Mobile App also provides access to Alpha Team content including Breaking News: security-relevant news to stay up to date on current events, Advisories: independent research from the Alpha Team on threat actors and campaigns and Vulnerabilities: Notifications of discovered vulnerabilities and data breaches affecting specific industries, organizations and individuals.

What’s next for the ZeroFOX Mobile App

ZeroFOX is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible experience and will continue to release new features to make the mobile experience as useful as possible. Look for new features coming soon including:

  • Improved Alert Detail View
  • Push Notifications for Alpha Team Content
  • Push Notifications for Remediations

See the latest features

We compiled a video showcasing the latest capabilities of the mobile app. Check it out here!

You can download the ZeroFOX Mobile App from Google Play here and Apple App Store here.

See the Platform in Action

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