The New Rules of Engagement: 4 Strategies for CISOs to Secure their Remote Workforce

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Dr. Sam Small
Dr. Sam Small

Chief Security Officer

What You'll Learn

Today’s new reality and remote business environment has rapidly expanded the publicly accessible attack surface of every organization. Adapting business during these unprecedented times requires adopting new platforms and processes, many of which lack security and compliance guardrails and are changing the way we think about risk. Safeguarding private information and users, both internal and external, that engage on these collaboration platforms is critical. CISOs need to rethink basic security hygiene, new and necessary technology and security considerations to be embedded into operations. How can you thrive with these new rules of engagement?

During this session, we will decode this new normal and the challenges that are changing the way we think about risk. Join us and learn the important questions you should be asking yourself, the gaps you should be looking for and ways to proactively protect your organization’s productivity, profitability, and reputation.

Key Takeaways
  • Ways to regain control over your changing environment by proactively managing your defense.
  • Measures you can take to ensure meetings and remote collaboration, internally and externally, are secure.
  • Recommendations for developing a strong WFH security posture through communication, compliance policies and enforcement to protect yourself from potential exposures.
  • How to keep pace with the complex and changing set of risks jeopardizing your company’s productivity, profitability, and reputation.