Combating Threats Outside your Agency’s Digital Perimeter: Empowering Responsibility and Authority

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Meet the Speakers

Steven G. Hernandez
Steven G. Hernandez

CISO and Director, Information Assurance Services at US Department Of Education

James Saunders
James Saunders

Senior Advisor to the Acting Chief Information Officer for Cybersecurity at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Kevin Reardon
Kevin Reardon

Chief Operating Officer at ZeroFox

What You'll Learn

As government agencies expand their use of social media, external websites, and other digital channels to engage with the public, they have increased their vulnerability to problems such as unauthorized disclosure of confidential information, the dissemination of false and misleading information, and impersonations and account takeovers.

With new vulnerabilities come new challenges in determining authority, strategy, and compliance considerations. The good news is that these developments have pushed the federal government to define for the first time how agencies can best establish, fund, and maintain an effective approach to security and compliance in the areas of Digital Risk Protection and Threat Intelligence.

Key Takeaways
  • An understanding of agencies’ intrinsic authority to respond when attacks such as social media impersonation of agency people and functions take place outside the perimeter
  • How the latest release of NIST 800-53, Rev 5. security standards applies new and updated controls to manage digital risk protection and threat intelligence
  • How organizations can implement a comprehensive program to continuously monitor and respond to impersonations, attacks, and information disclosure on social media channels, public websites, dark web sources, code sharing platforms, email and other public-facing platforms