Protect Financial Customers From Fraud and Fakes

How to identify and mitigate social media risk

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Meet the Speakers

Zack Allen
Zack Allen

Director of Threat Operations, ZeroFox

Ryan Trost
Ryan Trost

CTO, ThreatQuotient

What You'll Learn

Financial service organizations have a massive footprint and attack surface on social media & external digital platforms — all of which is ungoverned, unmonitored and unprotected by the existing security perimeter. Understanding the threats on these platforms is critical, from financial fraud, phishing and malware spread on social media, customer scams, impersonating accounts and mobile apps, and more. Join ZeroFox and ThreatQuotient to learn the top risks facing financial institutions on social and digital channels and key tactics for addressing those risks.

Key Takeaways
  • Understand top trends and threats facing financial institutions on social and digital channels
  • Gain knowledge of key tactics for addressing social and digital threats
  • Learn about the tools available to your organization for mitigating risk