The First Cyber Intelligence Capability You Should Invest In

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Meet the Speakers

Evan Blair
Evan Blair

Co-Founder & VP Global Channel Sales, ZeroFox

Josh Zelonis
Josh Zelonis

Senior Analyst for Security and Risk, Forrester Research, Inc.

What You'll Learn

According to ‘The Digital Risk Protection Market in 2019’, an April 2019 report from Forrester, “sixty-four percent of global security decision makers rate improving advanced threat intelligence capabilities as a high or critical priority”. In this ZeroFox webinar featuring that report’s co-author, Senior Analyst Josh Zelonis, we’ll discuss how the Digital Risk Protection (DRP) market is evolving as well as the different types of buyers and use cases for digital risk protection services. Security professionals can use this information to determine how digital risk protection can best suit the needs of their business. DRP makes threat intelligence actionable — which is why “it’s a great place to start” for many organizations. During the session, you’ll learn how DRP can be the foundation for building your cyber intelligence program.

Key Takeaways
  • Understand how DRP makes cyber intelligence accessible to smaller organizations and under-resourced security teams
  • See how DRP provides tactical intelligence, which makes demonstrating ROI easier
  • Learn how Marketing, Compliance, Legal and other teams can benefit from DRP too