The Rise of Impersonation Attacks on Financial Services: Combating Fraud with Smarter Detection and Protection

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Meet the Speakers

Dr. Sam Small
Dr. Sam Small

Chief Security Officer

Ross Rustici
Ross Rustici

Director of Threat Analysis

What You'll Learn

In the last year, our threat intelligence team observed a dramatic increase in online impersonations targeting financial institutions. For years, low-cost, high-yield impersonation attacks have targeted businesses across a vast landscape of digital platforms. But an even more alarming reality is these attacks have, and will continue, to become more sophisticated, driving the need for smarter approaches to detection and protection.

Join ZeroFox’s Chief Security Officer, Dr. Sam Small, and Director of Threat Analysis, Ross Rustici, as we expose the latest impersonation techniques and tradecraft targeting financial services organizations. We’ll share results from our latest research, observations from our customer base, and highlight today’s best and worst practices in mitigating impersonation threats.

Key Takeaways
  • The ecosystem and mechanics of online impersonation attacks, various targeting tactics, and the potential scope of harm across each category.
  • Clear guidance to address impersonation issues within your security program and mature protection capabilities.
  • Steps to improve efficacy and response times.
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