ZeroFox is now a public company

We are on a mission to expose and disrupt threats outside the perimeter.

ZeroFox is the first external cybersecurity company, providing critical threat intelligence and protection for your brands, domains and employees where business happens and threat actors lurk: outside the corporate network, on the surface, deep and dark web.

A letter from Foster

“We’re ready. When people ask me why ZeroFox is going public, that’s the short answer. A decade ago, I started ZeroFox because I saw cybercriminals exploiting social media to steal from and harm businesses, ultimately hurting the people – founders, employees, customers –.who make up those businesses. 

In the last several years, we’ve seen digital technologies, social media, and the threat landscape grow exponentially. Cybersecurity has made tremendous strides to detect and defend against threats attempting to cross an organization’s perimeter, but the gray space – the space between the perimeter and where the threat actors operate – has been disproportionately overlooked. Threat actors – who notoriously take the path of least resistance – realize this. So do we.

When I say we’re ready, ZeroFox is armed for what’s ahead. As the first external cybersecurity company, we empower organizations to innovate and operate, uninterrupted, by informing early, protecting proactively, and responding rapidly to every phishing attack, fake account, stolen password, botnet, breach and whatever comes next. Going public enables us to deliver more to our customers at the pace of change, which in cybersecurity, is perpetual and lightning fast.”

See beyond the perimeter and overpower internet adversaries

Inform Early

Discover your external attack surface and leverage actionable threat intelligence.

Protect Proactively

Safeguard brands, domains and people against impersonations, fraud and phishing.

Respond Rapidly

Disrupt adversaries, respond to breaches and engage with threat actors on the dark web.