ZeroFox Ranks #1 in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Digital Risk Protection Spark Matrix 2023

ZeroFox Ranks #1 in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Digital Risk Protection Spark Matrix 2023 
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Hot on the heels of ranking at the top of  Forrester’s Threat Intelligence Wave, ZeroFox is pleased to announce recognition as  “Technology Leader” in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Digital Risk Protection (DRP) Spark Matrix 2023. ZeroFox ranked first among 22 DRP vendors following Quadrant analysts’ evaluation of products, market presence, use cases, expert interviews and value proposition.

Why ZeroFox is #1 in Digital Risk Protection

Quadrant scored DRP vendors based on their technology excellence and customer impact. Analysts took into consideration advanced capabilities such as data ingestion, asset mapping, digital risk assessment, threat scoring, competitive differentiation, response and remediation, use case diversity, integrations and interoperability, and vision and roadmap.

In addition, product strategy and performance, market presence, track record, ease of deployment and use, customer service and uniqueness of value proposition also figured into the rankings.

Following their research and analysis, Quadrant analysts concluded that:  “[ZeroFox] offers the highest value proposition in terms of technology and possesses a good customer base with a considerable number of deployments across industry verticals. These companies also offer comprehensive features to meet the DRP-related needs of large and medium-sized enterprises.”

Our Approach to Digital Risk Protection

Central to our end-to-end DRP solution is the ability to identify all vulnerable assets outside of the perimeter. This can include brands, products, domains, executives, third-parties, social accounts, BINs, internet infrastructure and more. 

We are able to identify threats to external assets because of our capacity to source   threat intelligence widely across the surface, deep and dark webs. Our industry leading depth and breadth of coverage extends to social media, botnets, mobile app stores, forums, marketplaces and more.  

As a tech company with a managed service, we’re able to combine advanced technology, such as AI/ML, computer vision, sentiment analysis and deep fake analysis with human intelligence leveraging linguistics, advanced tradecraft and embedded personas. This one-two punch enables us to monitor over 4 million assets and 500 dark web forums daily, and protect over 6,000 social media channels and 22,000 executives annually. 

Our ability to disrupt and takedown threats at scale is core to what sets us apart. Today we execute over 1,200 takedowns daily, completely in-house, across social media, domains and mobile app stores. And, our Global Disruption Network (GDN) of 60+ hosts, registrars, ISPs, telcos and additional partners helps lock access to malicious sites and content en masse.

Key DRP Differentiators Highlighted Throughout the Report

Aside from assessing our core DRP offerings, Quadrant analysts noted several competitive advantages that either facilitate, augment or complement our solution. These include:

  • The use of Combined AI (computer vision, NLP, GPT)
  • Robust Threat Intelligence and Attack Surface Management
  • The Global Disruption Network (GDN)
  • Managed Intelligence Services (Internal SOC)
  • UDRP dispute filings 
  • On-demand investigations
  • Disruption via Google Web Risk and accurate alerts by expert analysts
  • Physical Security Intelligence / Protection
  • PII Removal
  • DFIR and Response Readiness Services, and Breach Services

What’s New and Next in DRP for ZeroFox

Digital risk protection remains our core use case, and we will continue to innovate and expand our coverage capabilities to thwart cyber criminals, scammers and fraudsters before attacks occur. 

This quarter, we will bring to market a series of new domain protection and anti-phishing capabilities that will increase the volume of domain alerts and accelerate detection of cloaked phishing attacks.

We also recently announced new generative AI capabilities to better detect the rise in impersonations. Leveraging large language models, these new features make alerts more evident  by including AI-generated text explaining why each alert represents an impersonation. The additional alert explainability and context will support faster delivery of alerts by helping to determine if the alert is relevant for the customer.

We’ll also continue to automate the detection and response of key social media use cases, as well as introduce new physical security and executive protection offerings. 

Download the Digital Risk Protection Spark Matrix

Learn about the global digital risk protection landscape and why we’re ranked number one by accessing a free copy of the report here.

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