ZeroFox + AC Milan

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ZeroFox + AC Milan

ZeroFox takes down threats so AC Milan can continue scoring goals



ZeroFox has processed 8,445 takedowns for credible threats to the AC Milan brand and executives since June 2019.


Alerts Generated

ZeroFox generated over 112,000 alerts for AC Milan and their protected executives and players since 2019.


Escalated Alerts

ZeroFox escalated nearly 3000 high-value alerts during our partnership.

AC Milan

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AC Milan, headquartered in Italy, is a soccer club of international stature. As one of the most prominent and influential soccer clubs globally, AC Milan is based out of the San Siro Stadium, which stands as one of Europe's largest and most historical stadiums.


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Milan, Italy

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Life Before ZeroFox

  1. Social threats targeting top executives and players required immediate identification and response.
  2. Threat actors impersonated accounts and sold counterfeit tickets to deceive unsuspecting fans.

Being a globally-recognized organization, AC Milan often faced the challenge of managing and mitigating threats for top executives and key players on social media. The security team was encumbered with manual search and remediation for new impersonated accounts or counterfeit tickets being sold online created to deceive their loyal fans.

“We were constantly monitoring our social media accounts,” Luca Colombo, AC Milan’s digital strategist explains. “We had an escalation of cases in the first half of the season going worldwide on Twitter. That’s when we worked with ZeroFox to activate automated remediation on social media.”

The security team at AC Milan contacted ZeroFox to automate the time consuming processes underway with the goal of ensuring a safe, online environment for their social media followers. AC Milan sought a detection and takedown system for emerging impersonated accounts that replicated key executives and top players as well as identified counterfeit goods for sale. Additionally, AC Milan’s security team looked to ZeroFox to perform automated remediation efforts on threats emerging on their social media pages.

We were constantly monitoring our social media accounts. We had an escalation of cases in the first half of the season go worldwide on Twitter. That’s when we worked with ZeroFox to activate automated remediation on social media.

The ZeroFox Edge

  1. The platform detection tool has been a critical asset for identifying threats.
  2. ZeroFox takedown services have eased the burden on security teams.
  3. Automation has allowed for quicker remediation at a larger scale.

After several years of using ZeroFox, AC Milan finds the platform’s detection of threats and takedowns to be critical tools in their security tool belt. The security team is no longer burdened by the arduous task of manually searching for and remediating impersonations, counterfeit goods, and negative sentiments. Luca Colombo says, “The tool is very hands off, but we’re getting major results with the automation ZeroFox provides.”

Since the establishment of this partnership, ZeroFox has processed 8,445 takedowns for AC Milan. Previously, remediation heavily impacted the security team at AC Milan, but now ZeroFox analysts use tried-and-true processes to quickly take down threats on their behalf — freeing the AC Milan team to focus on other security priorities without concern regarding malicious attacks on their organization going viral on social media.

Using ZeroFox is like having insurance in case of an accident. If followers start getting requests from fake profiles or property, I have a tool I can quickly use to solve the problem.

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