Happy New Year! ZeroFox’s Best Blogs of 2018

Happy New Year! ZeroFox’s Best Blogs of 2018
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It’s New Year’s Eve - a great time for looking back on the year and looking ahead to what’s next for 2019. At ZeroFox, we’re already planning exciting new content for 2019. But before we get there, we want to look back at some of our best blogs of 2018. This year we focused our blogs on bringing you tips and tricks for protecting your business, brand and selves against digital risks, as well as ZeroFox product updates, new series like Small Talk with Sam Small (our CTO), and topical content based on industry events. Here’s a rundown of a few of the best blogs from ZeroFox in 2018:

Trends, Scams and Industry News

ZeroFox Finds Fortnite V-Buck Scams Running Rampant Online

Over a one month period from early September to early October, the ZeroFox team has generated over 53,000 alerts related to Fortnite scams.

What the Midterm Elections Tell Us About Social Media Today

On the day of the US midterm elections, it’s critical that we understand that social media shapes the way that we understand the world.

Finding Fake Brands and Holiday Scams – Part 1 & Part 2

ZeroFox investigated holiday scams in 5 different industries: retail, tech, big box stores, airlines, and gaming. These are the results.

For the Marketer

3 Areas to Invest Your 2019 Marketing Budget

As you begin to align your budget with your marketing efforts, here are a few areas to focus your spend in 2019.

Rethinking Brand Protection in the Social Media Protection Era

Brand protection today means protecting a channel you do not own and cannot manipulate from risks and attackers you cannot see.

Protect While You Promote: How to Maintain Brand Reputation on Social Media [Video]

ZeroFox's Evan Blair sat down with Jeremy Wood, VP of Product Marketing at Hootsuite to discuss how social media impacts brand reputation.

For the Security Professional

Small Talk with Sam Small: The Evolving Role of a Chief Security Officer

As the cyber threat landscape has expanded, so has the responsibility and the role of the CSO.

Some of the threats facing your organization are still on the web today: What they are and where they’re hiding

With the web landscape ever-expanding, the cost of digital risks to organizations is largely unmonitored and unrecognized.

The Expanding Role (and Importance!) of Corporate Security

CorpSec needs to proactively identify and protect against risks and threats to VIPs, executives, employees and locations originating online.

ZeroFox Product Updates

The Social Media Metrics Your Security, Marketing and Executive Teams Need to Know

ZeroFox Reporting offers the social media metrics necessary for every team member, from your CEO to your security and marketing teams.

Identify and Remediate Digital Risks Faster with ZeroFox OnWatch

ZeroFox OnWatch provides the expertise, services, and effectiveness you need to safeguard your business, brand, people and locations.

Introducing ZeroFox Location Mapping

ZeroFox provides critical visibility into all threats originating across the web and remediation capabilities to take action on those threats.

And a Little Bit of Holiday Cheer

Twas the Hack Before Christmas

Experience this familiar tale told by a ZeroFox analyst who defeats Hacker St. Nick.

Thank you for reading along with us this year. We are looking forward to another great year of content, news and product updates in 2019. Happy New Year and Stay Foxy!

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